DayZ Livonia With Yet Another “Coming Soon” Announcement

DayZ’s upcoming DLC, including the new terrain of Livonia, is still in a queue. Bohemia Interactive has pushed a new announcement with no official release date. The first impact the announcement had was the Livonia DLC is finally released, but after checking DayZ Livonia’s Steam Store Page, there’s still no  So, is this yet another “coming soon” announcement?

Players are already frustrated due to the fact the Livonia DLC is behind a paywall, despite the announcement that it won’t cost more than 15 Euro. The second coming soon announcement has not made them happier, simply because the Livonia DLC is still locked and cannot be purchased.

So, when exactly is the Livonia DLC becoming available to purchase? A question that we’re all seeking answers to. Sadly, there aren’t any definitive that are going to shape the future of DayZ Livonia. The only thing we could do is speculate for a release in the next couple of days. According to me, there’s no other purpose of publishing another “coming soon” post if the Livonia map is not coming in the next 24 hours.

For those unfamiliar with Livonia, it is a map based on Arma 3’s Contact expansion, with a size of 163KM². Livonia is the second map coming to DayZ, with a different environment, including wild-life. Set in late summer, it will feature a lot of rainfalls and thunderstorms, vigilant for creating the perfect gameplay scenarios in a game like this.

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