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Fortnite’s Upcoming Christmas Event is “Frosty Fortnite”

Stay Frosty

We know how bothered everyone is for the removal of the patch notes posted by Epic Games after each update. Despite the vaults being in power, Epic Games has still managed to slip something to the public, hinting of the next Christmas Even that could arise. It is called Frosty Fortnite and will involve creators from all around the world to compete with their creation.

The new speculation is that there will be a series of events that could arrive within Fortnite. They are about to be concluded by the end of the year and will enrich the game with a couple of new game modes within late 2019 and early 2020.

The information was posted on the Epic Games website, and it was published on 11.13.2019.

Introducing #FrostyFortnite, an open call to all creators for winter-themed games, art, and videos. This is a great opportunity for your content to get featured in-game and on the @FNCreate twitter account! The #FortniteFright open call was a big hit, and we are excited to see all your #FrostyFortnite creations. This campaign will run through the end of the year and into January.

Furthermore, the article on the Epic Games website claims a release of a new set, which is the Snowman Set. The set will include two-prebuilt snowmen along with pieces to build your own. Well, there’s at least a slight glimpse of the upcoming patch notes. A leak within the leak, would you say?

Next patch we’ll release the Snowman set. It includes two pre-built snowmen along with pieces to build your own. Be sure to include these in your upcoming creations, we’re keeping a special eye out for these props.

The next patch could potentially be tomorrow, the day that has brought the most significant number of updates in the Fortnite history so far.

Together with it, there may be a new mission that will hold. It could be similar to the 14 days of Fortnite and include a substantial number of challenges holding a significant amount of rewards.

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