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DayZ 1.06 Ready To Download, Livonia’s Best Counterpart

As first announced, the DayZ Livonia DLC was scheduled to release with 1.06. That said, now that DayZ Livonia is finally released, the update 1.06 is also available to download. This update is not small, and it serves to sustain the changes made by Livonia, bringing the mammals to the world of Chernarus as well.

Below you can find some of the most important features introduced in 1.06:

  • The Bears, new kings of the forest, have started to roam Chernarus and Livonia.
  • Fishing is the new way to relax, catch junk, and occasionally some fish.
  • The Vaiga, Blaze, Kolt 1911, and BK-43 are now available to diversify your arsenal.
  • If you want a green Ada or a black Gunter 2, it’s in store.
  • Xbox and PS4 players can now use their mouse and keyboard on the servers identified as supporting them (the gamepad is always available on all servers).

The full 1.06 patch notes can be found below:

  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



  • Added: Vaiga Shotgun
  • Added: Blaze rifle
  • Added: BK-43 with sawed-off version
  • Added: Kolt 1911 with its magazine
  • Added: Magazine variants for existing weapons (drum mags, high capacity mags, etc.)
  • Added: Bears
  • Added: Fishing
  • Added: Item attachments can now be damaged
  • Added: Ability to harvest sticks from bushes with bare hands
  • Added: Ability to break long-sticks into small sticks with bare hands
  • Added: Cars have now a chance to spawn with a certain amount of fuel
  • Added: Distinguished color when swapping in the inventory where the target item will have a different location than the source item
  • Added: Throwing in crouched and prone stance
  • Added: Items are spawning in greenhouses
  • Added: Ejecting rounds from firearms
  • Added: GUI visualization of reserved attachments


  • Fixed: Climbing over an object would break the holding animation
  • Fixed: Footstep sounds were missing
  • Fixed: Missing textures on the Tactical goggles
  • Fixed: Picking an item with a battery attached would cause the battery to be detached
  • Fixed: Damaged and destroyed textures of Night Vision Goggles
  • Fixed: Toolbar of the console gestures menu was showing on PC –
  • Fixed: Swap indicator in the inventory wasn’t always correct
  • Fixed: The players were unable to place land mines or bear traps on streets and side-walks
  • Fixed: It was possible to drive a car when it was submerged underwater
  • Fixed: An issue that could lead to a blocked hand-slot
  • Fixed: Dropping a magazine or ammo during the reload action while moving would drop the item at the starting point of the action
  • Fixed: Attaching items would be forced to follow a hierarchy (e.g., when assigning a battery to one of multiple attachments)
  • Fixed: Object placement fixes to the Chernarusplus terrain
  • Fixed: God rays were not visible with lower overcast values
  • Fixed: Lightning density wasn’t properly synchronized in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Several incorrect collision geometries that could be abused
  • Fixed: White outlines on the tourist signs when in the shadow
  • Fixed: The prison castle object was disappearing in the distance
  • Fixed: Missing shadow on Roadblock_Bags_Curve
  • Fixed: UV mapping of the opened map item
  • Fixed: House_1W04 disappearing in the distance
  • Fixed: VSD had its muzzle flashes going through an attached suppressor
  • Fixed: Some commonly abused glitches on buildings
  • Fixed: Clipping issues with notification system –
  • Fixed: Players weren’t able to open the chat
  • Fixed: An issue with entering/leaving vehicles
  • Fixed: An exploit that allowed to peek through walls
  • Fixed: Character’s feet weren’t visible during the character creation
  • Fixed: Punching walls with bare hands was emitting particle effects (dust, sparks, etc.)
  • Fixed: Display of several of items in the inventory
  • Fixed: Spawning orientation of several items
  • Fixed: Added a missing spark plug proxy for the Sarka 120
  • Fixed: Animals were fleeing towards the player in some instances
  • Fixed: When swapping certain items in the inventory, they could overlap
  • Fixed: Zeroing didn’t properly adjust the ballistics
  • Fixed: The gesture menu would open in sub-sections, depending on the previous selection
  • Fixed: Melee range against objects was too high
  • Fixed: The player could see his old corpse while the respawn was in progress
  • Fixed: Item spawn points on several buildings (deer stands, buildings under construction, etc.)
  • Fixed: Weapon trembling during reload (mostly visible on weapons such as the Mosin or SK)
  • Fixed: The sprint melee attack could be executed with a firearm
  • Fixed: Various GUI bugs connected with attachments
  • Fixed: Wrong sound while crafting rags with a hatchet
  • Fixed: Removing a burlap sack from a players head would restore its condition to pristine –
  • Fixed: Certain weapons were missing their sound events in prone
  • Fixed: Wrong sound was played when putting a knife into a sheath –,
  • Fixed: Several minor building issues (textures not being displayed, text changes, ladders blocked, etc.)
  • Fixed: Text overlapped in the tutorial screens in certain languages
  • Fixed: The player could not open seed packs
  • Fixed: Tents did not protect players from rain
  • Fixed: Wellies could not be repaired
  • Fixed: Cholera agents in a container could be removed by using disinfectant
  • Fixed: Characters with beards were forced to shave before being able to dig for worms with knifes
  • Fixed: The speed of the wind was applied to the drying process even when being in an interior space
  • Fixed: An exploit allowing players to see through walls
  • Fixed: Shoulder attachments could block the view through the PSO-1 scope in prone
  • Fixed: The player could get stuck when drinking too far from a river
  • Fixed: The Tactical Helmet could get wet
  • Fixed: A server crash connected to flying vehicles
  • Fixed: Players could get launched off buildings just after leaving a ladder
  • Fixed: Animals would slide during certain animations
  • Fixed: An exploit abusing a building occlude
  • Fixed: Clipping camera when using the BK-133 shotgun in iron sights
  • Fixed: A server error related to the swapping of item attachments
  • Fixed: NBC clothing was not repairable
  • Fixed: The Prison castle object was disappearing in the distance


  • Tweaked: Balanced item health – This will affect your active items, so they might change their condition to the better or worse
  • Tweaked: Lowered the chance to find food on infected
  • Tweaked: Updated the loot group positions
  • Tweaked: Damage to items within cargo items is no longer guaranteed
  • Tweaked: Slightly increased the melee damage of the infected
  • Tweaked: The bandage dressing can be used four times (instead of two)
  • Tweaked: Lowered blood regeneration rate
  • Tweaked: The fireplace in the Krasnostav airfield building is now usable
  • Tweaked: The village of Guglovo now has a Public Announcement System
  • Tweaked: The roadway faces of the trail objects have been made wider to cut more grass around trails
  • Tweaked: Global lighting configuration (darker overcast, less blue in the sky during high sun angles and clear skies)
  • Tweaked: Ovens made from a fireplace now last 7 days (instead of 2 hrs)
  • Tweaked: Teddy bears are no longer spawning with items in their cargo
  • Tweaked: The CR-61 Scorpion now spawns with a pistol suppressor instead of a normalized suppressor
  • Tweaked: There now is less rain during “medium overcast” on Chernarus
  • Tweaked: The NBC suit is now completely water-proof
  • Tweaked: Inventory view of the plate carrier pouches
  • Tweaked: Health penalty from low heat comfort only active when severely freezing
  • Tweaked: Increased energy consumption while being in low heat comfort
  • Tweaked: Decreased rate in which items could dry
  • Tweaked: Worn clothes should dry up faster near a fireplace
  • Tweaked: Slightly increased the night-time temperature on Chernarus
  • Tweaked: The bleeding tick rate is now applied every three seconds (overall loss is still the same)
  • Changed: The default colour of the ADA 4×4 is now green instead of blue
  • Changed: The Chernarus weather is more rainy, with occasional lightning
  • Changed: The behaviour of swapping in the inventory
  • Changed: Revamped tree and bush harvesting (varying resource yield depending on the bush or tree type, resource stacking tweaked)
  • Changed: Improved shipping container textures
  • Changed: Closed shipping containers now have visible locks and the doors open in twin mode
  • Changed: The duration of the bandaging action is affected by the type of item used (bandage dressing being the fastest)
  • Changed: The amount of blood loss from a bleeding source is affected by the total amount of blood left
  • Changed: Increased the capacity of the water bottle from 50 to 100
  • Changed: Reduced the inventory size of the canteen by 50% (now 2×2)
  • Changed: Melee weapons are gradually getting damaged when executing attacks
  • Changed: Ruined melee weapons will be dropped when trying to attack with them
  • Changed: The amount of meat harvested from the animals is affected by the damage done to the animal damage zones
  • Changed: Players are spawning with more initial hydration
  • Changed: Water consumption was decreased, and energy consumption increased while moving
  • Changed: Lowered the chance of paper spawning in other items
  • Changed: Spawn points of the Sarka 120, Gunter 2 and Olga 42 on Chernarus
  • Removed: Glasses spawning on infected
  • Removed: Obsolete vehicle parts
  • Removed: Magazine attachment icon for weapons that aren’t fed from a detachable magazine
  • Removed: Unnecessary consume action for purification tablets
  • Removed: Hardly reachable item-spawn points on car wrecks


  • Added: isDigable and isFertile parameters for config class CfgSurfaces (See the documentation for more information)
  • Added: ScriptAPI: array.resize, array.sort
  • Added: Ability to control the base height for the height-based fog using volFogOffset parameter into CfgWorlds (value is in meters)
  • Added: Ability to utilize the OnBeforeChange functionality for the weather events, on custom terrains (see the constructor of the MissionBase class for more info)
  • Added: swayModifier to weapon
  • Added: Support for cURL headers
  • Added: Sending ChatMessageEvent when a chat message is received on the server –
  • Fixed: Round models linked in config for weapons (spawn rounds when ejected from weapon, used for proxy bullets)
  • Fixed: Default buttons looked incorrect in specific resolutions –
  • Changed: Refactoring of unused singleton
  • Changed: m_WeaponSwayModifier in DayZPlayerCameraIronsights.c to make sway difference between cameras less significant (easier to fine-tune)
  • Changed: The environment temperature definition has been moved from configs (cfgworlds weather class) into the appropriate script worldData classes (see 4_World\Classes\Worlds)


  • The team is currently investigating issues with the inventory that might result in trouble picking up items or sorting them in the inventory

When it comes to the server owners, no one would ever need to purchase Livonia as a standalone piece of requirement, while all of the clients will have to own the Livonia DLC to join a Livonia Server.

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at

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