Kojima and Shinkawa Tease Upcoming Kojima Productions Projects

In an interview with Famitsu magazine, a lot of information was gathered from Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa. Pages full of pure realism and talks with Kojima Productions, which hold a lot of surprises regarding upcoming Kojima Productions Projects. Now that Death Stranding last stop is the PC platform, we’ll have to look and see where exactly is Kojima heading, and what exactly have they chatted with Shinkawa on future projects.

Their chemistry is already on a high level since they’ve been working together for a very long time. On the question of what other projects they plan on working set by Famitsu, they’ve answered that manga could be their next designation, even though the discussion has finished with a joke and laughter.

Hideo Kojima did not miss to expedite the fact that he has onto the movie industry. His expectancy to delve into such a creation is high. Even if Death Stranding is considered for a weird game by the fans, believe it or not, these two masterminds do not think the same. Their future ideas are to make even stranger video games if they consent in the same area.

Death Stranding, in particular, according to Hideo Kojima, is missing mechs, as they might be coming shortly. The game and movie industry has already started merging, and they are bound to greatness. Hideo Kojima knows that, and he always praises and encourages that same theory. That is pretty much how Hideo finishes an interview, being known for that very distinct mindset.

However, one of the most popular surprises is a game they aim to create. A game in which they believe it would be of a large caliber. Most likely similar to Death Stranding, with the same old weirdness and shenanigans across.

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