The Reveal of the PlayStation 5 Logo Was Not That Surprising

Sony has revealed the new logo for its upcoming next-gen PlayStation console. While many believed for the first time in a while the logo might be something innovative, disappointment arrived. The PS5 logo is literally the same as the previous generation, with just a minor alteration.

Promo lines such as “first look of the logo” and whatnot, has debatably made fans believe it’s a word about something new. During CES 2020 press conference, not only the PS5 logo was revealed. Impressive specs and features were discussed too.

The PS5 will have a plethora of features that will depict for a better cause. The PlayStation 5 will include a high-speed SSD, Blu-Ray Drive, and hardware-based ray tracing, alongside many other beneficial factors.

The sale of the VR headset and its success, in general, was also discussed. The VR headsets’ number of sales has achieved over 4.2 million worldwide. A milestone to be remembered and taken as an example in future endeavors.

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