Pokemon Go Battle Ultra League Best Pokemon and Moves

When the Battle League was released a few days ago, precisely January 29th, Trainers got the ability to battle from any place in the world, with the best of the best Pokemon.

On February 10, 2020,, some things got shifted from the Great League to the Ultra League. Because we love to help fellow players, here is our list of the best Pokemon for the new format, and because we are that good, we will also list the best moves.

Ultra League PvP Strongest Pokemon


  • Lock-On
  • Flash Cannon/Focus Blast

Giratina Altered

  • Shadow Claw/Dragon Breath
  • Dragon Claw/Ancient Power

Giratina Origin

  • Shadow Claw
  • Shadow Ball/Ominous Wind/Dragon Pulse


  • Mud Shot
  • Hydro Cannon/Earthquake


  • Mud Shot/Bubble
  • Ice Punch/Dynamic Punch/Power-Up Punch/Hydro Pump

Alolan Muk

  • Snarl/Poison Jab
  • Dark Pulse/Sludge Wave/Acid Spray


  • Lick
  • Body Slam/Earthquake/Superpower/Outrage


  • Lick
  • Earthquake/Shadow Ball


  • Lock-On
  • Earthquake/Blizzard

You now have the best picks for the Ultra League and trust me, you’re going to SMASH!

Good luck and let’s beat ’em all!

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