Another “Confirmation” That “Arma 4” Will Run On The Enfusion Engine

Bohemia Interactive has decided to close one of their studios based in Bratislava and has discovered another clue of, if ever happens to be real, Arma 4’s engine. A matter that hasn’t been discussed publicly, yet kept as a secret for no reason. Enfusion, the engine of DayZ, will continue to shine in Bohemia Interactive’s books and will probably empower one of, if not the greatest military sim video games, Arma 4.

The closure of the studio was addressed within an article in which the staff talks about DayZ and future projects, in which the state of the Enfusion engine was mentioned. Confirmed in 2019 (future titles will run on Enfusion), sealed again today, the Enfusion Engine will most probably declare the beauty of Arma 4.

DayZ and its current state are more than just a proof of how would Arma 4 look. The cons of Arma 3, as we all know, is the lack of substantial performance. More precisely, the FPS, which is vague upon the multiplayer milsim, and usually the primary escort partner for leaving the game.

Now back to the Enfusion Engine. From what we can see in DayZ, it promises a lot. Having an enormous map with a high number of players and performance slick as a whistle, you do not need anything else to develop a successful product. Now, DayZ might be a bullet that’s about to hit the ground very soon, but Arma has never had a popularity issue. The only culprit for the player departure in Arma 3 is the game’s performance, but sooner or later, their comeback is imminent.

We expect to see much more in DayZ before we anticipate a possible announcement of the upcoming Arma series. The Enfusion Engine, which according to Bohemia, is still in development (even if DayZ is running on it), has divided the team working on DayZ to work on the engine itself, maybe the winner.

Unlike others, we believe that Arma 4, whenever it’s ready to come out, empowered by all of the features of its predecessors, will dominate the gaming industry. That’s all we have to say for now.

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