Grindhouse Gunner “Iron Meat” Demo Is Now Available

Russian developer Ivan Suvorov has released a brand new demo for the grindhouse gunner, Iron Meat. Demo games, as we know, offer a slight experience of what’s supposed to be a full game. Therefore, in the demo version of Iron Meat, players will be able to endure only the first two levels of the game.

Iron Meat is planned to release on Steam at a later date, and currently can only be added to your wishlist. The demo version of the game can be downloaded only through the game’s official website.

More details about the game can be found below:

Iron Meat is a classic run-and-gun platform shooter, with graphic pixelated violence, plenty of horrifying enemies and bosses, mixed with old-school SNES-era charm.

Key Features Include:

  • Eight levels chock-full of hard-boiled fun
  • Three levels of difficulty, just like in your favorite classics
  • Tons of guns, enemies, and bosses
  • Classic SNES pixel art goodness
  • Music by the fantastic Darkman007
  • Simple, intuitive controls
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