Valorant: Reyna’s Leer Is Uncounterable and Overpowered Ability

With the launch of Valorant, a new agent was introduced. Reyna, a duelist, also known as self-sufficient fraggers, which means they need no support throughout an execution phase and can pick out enemy kills on their own. That’s precisely what Reyna possesses, and thanks to her Leer ability, she can peak any corner she wants at any given time.

But again, let’s see what Leer does following its not so thorough description.


Equip an ethereal, destructible eye. Activate to cast the eye a short distance forward. The eye will Nearsight all enemies who look at it.

Leer’s description misses to point out that the ability can be cast through barriers such as walls and other objects. It can also be placed upwards or downwards, depends on the situation. But, no matter the distance between the eye and the enemies, they will still be Nearsighted if they even see at it for a brief moment.

But why is Leer very overpowered? The answer to that is simple. If Reyna has two charges, chaining them both on a bomb site means the enemy will either be destroyed, pushed to hold a weird angle, or retrieve entirely and play on a retake. It makes room for the whole team, which undoubtedly, conveys potential nerfs.

If this sounds strange, then how would it feel like playing against Reyna and Breach on the same side? We know that whenever there’s a new character in any video game, players need time to adapt to its playstyle, but similar to Sage’s slow, this ability does not require a lot of skill, and its power is already positively acclaimed.

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  1. You forgot one crucial thing that makes the leer ability less overpowered. The eye can be destroyed by dealing damage to it, and not much at all.

  2. There are so many drawbacks to it,
    firstly, you can shoot to break it, (players just need to adapt)
    next, on the minimap, it shows to ALL players leer is used, meaning it exposes where Reyna is on the map.
    in competitive sense, its hard to make it work in coordinated teams.

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