Valorant Will Get 6 New Agents Per Year, Riot Games Answers

After a fantastic beta period, Valorant, Riot Games’ first-person multiplayer shooter, was bound to retreat before another boom, which was the launch date. Then, the launch period, which has seemingly brought more surprises than none, including new features, surprises, and an agent. Agent Reyna, which had it predisposes on players in the early phase.

Now, Valorant is thinking about adding multiple other agents, which in the end, should sustain the agent pool quite well. After that, in every hero game, we all judge is counters and liabilities. These new agents will arrive in episodes, or better yet, every two months to break the in-game monotony?

In the picture below, we can see Reyna being a part of Episode 1. That would say if Episode 1 lasts six months, then every two months, we’ll be given a new agent, 6 per year. The one next to Reyna already has its figure, during the third, just a bold question mark.

That means we’re incredibly close to receiving a new agent, and we’ll find out how good he is very soon.

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