Immediate Regulation On Loot Boxes Demanded by The House of Lords

Loot Boxes have always been a hot topic, and whether or not their classification fits the right place. Even before, we have seen the loot boxes topic helplessly surging the media, when the industry usually comes on top of it. Will it be different now that the UK parliament has called the government to reclassify loot boxes immediately?

In reaction to gambling-related harm, the new report by the House of Lords Select Committee addresses Loot Boxes, requiring immediate action to bring them within the remit of gambling legislation and regulation.

First and foremost, loot boxes are behind a paywall. Second, loot boxes in video games usually hold several items that are accessible by a given percentage. The drop chance otherwise corresponds to the item’s rarity. Hence, it is why it should be noticed as gambling. It resembles of casino slot machines. Everything that depicts a percentual chance of winning something should be considered as gambling.

According to us, loot boxes should be declared as potential exposure to gambling. Children have access to video games too, and it is unpleasant to see them lurking on the in-game market. This lucrative business among video game companies should be thoroughly reviewed.

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