Online Trading and NET Eggs Added to Monster Crown

Monster Crown the game that resembles everyone’s most beloved RPG, Pokemon, will be receiving some new interactions in-game. The first update contains a move learner, NET Eggs, Alternate Genes, and online trading. There are not many updates to the game, but it’s still good to have them there.

There are two different online elements implemented in this update, and the first one is NET Eggs. With NET Eggs, you can tap into people’s genes. You can choose it as a parent for one of your monsters when breeding, so you can get unexpected results. The other online element is an online trading mechanic. By the name of it, you can guess what it is. You can trade your monsters with other players online.

There are also other additions coming to the game. The first one is if you want to get even wilder when breeding, instead of pressing backspace to bring up a NET Egg, you can use the Breeding Barn’s Alternate Genes to alter your possible creations. The second one is the Move Learner, in which you can switch up movesets, and bring back abilities you might have gotten rid of along the way.

Monster Crown is like the traditional Pokemon game but with a darker take and a unique customization system. It is available on Steam as an Early Access game, and you can check the trailer down below.


Slave Slavkovski

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