Doom-like Fast-Paced FPS BPM: Bullets Per Minute Is Out Now

BPM: Bullets Per Minute by Awe Interactive is a fast-paced FPS roguelike game where you can choose from different characters, called Valkyries, to defeat demons and monsters in randomly generated dungeons. But, unlike most games, you can’t turn off the music in the game because you’ll need to dodge and jump to the beat of an epic rock soundtrack. 

BPM got released for PC today, and you can purchase it for 10% off as a launch day discount on Steam and GOG. The original price tag for the game will be 19.99$, but you get 2 dollars off with the discount. It may not be much, but BPM certainly looks like a game all singleplayer FPS fans should check out! It gives off many Doom vibes, so Doom fans will most likely enjoy it while waiting for Doom Eternal’s upcoming expansion.

All the levels are randomly generated so you’ll most likely never encounter the same order of stages. Along with that, weapons and upgrades for your weapon will also be a part of this game. Here’s the launch trailer:


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