Minecraft Live Will Let You Vote For Minecraft’s Next Mob

This year’s Minecon will be replaced by Minecraft Live, a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mojang has just released a video teasing three possible Minecraft mobs, and it’ll be up to the players to decide which one will feature in the game. The mobs mentioned were Moobloom, Iceologer, and Glow Squid. Minecraft Live will take place on October 3rd when the final vote will take place. It is worth noting that all of these mobs come from other Minecraft games.

The Moobloom from Minecraft Earth will be similar to the already existing Mooshroom (which is a cow with mushrooms on its back), except instead of mushrooms, the Moobloom will have flowers. It’ll also have a unique interaction with bees, making the area around it a bit more floral.

The Iceologer is a type of illager (hostile Villager) coming from Minecraft Dungeons, where it occupies cold and snowy areas. In Minecraft, it’ll most likely occupy the mountains and throw icy clouds at players.

The Glow Squid is also from Minecraft Earth, but it won’t be that unique. It’s just a Squid that has bioluminescent properties, meaning it can glow in the dark. It sounds like something that can make Minecraft’s already majestic oceans even better, as well as a new fancy way to light up your base.

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