CoD: Warzone Banned 20,000 Players With The Start of Season 6

With the release of Season 6 and the juicy additions to Warzone, Infinity Ward has managed to snatch a couple more achievements under their belt. The Cheater issue has always been a thing in Warzone, just as in any other free-to-play titles. But it appears that this time Infinity Ward has stepped on the gas pedal, unlike in previous seasons. Since the kick-off, they banned around 20,000 players worldwide, even before they got the chance to delve deeper into the season.

Most of the cheaters that were banned were using the same cheat called EngineOwning. It’s a subscription-based cheat that is only available for a certain amount of price. The official website of EngineOwning has discovered that Modern Warfare has managed to detect the anti-cheat, which may cause an exceptional amount of bans with the start of Season 6.

As Vice has noticed, there have been numerous streamers that have also been a part of the cheat, which tried to remain unnoticed during and after the ban process. They’ve also noticed that on the official EngineOwning forum, someone complained about the bans delivered yesterday, Monday.

In a thread titled “Awesome, Until Banned,” a customer wrote that “this hack was an amazing tool for getting to learn the game in and the maps. And after having stopped using it a little over a month ago, I woke up today to see this. I’ve noticed the bans going around, and the fact that the software was detected, but seriously?”

So, what are your thoughts on this one? Do you believe that we’ll get more exciting gameplay now that the hackers are gone?

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