Xbox Series X’s exclusive ARK 2 With Vin Diesel

The good news is Vin Diesel will make his first appearance in ARK 2, the bad news is only Series S, and Xbox Series X owners will get to see him.

ARK: Survival Evolved’s follow-up, ARK 2, got to be revealed at The Game Awards presentation just last week. This game will be launched as a console exclusive only for the Series S and Xbox Series X, alongside the PC version.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg announced the console exclusivity via Twitter shortly after ARK 2 was officially unveiled. However, PS5 gamers won’t be playing the game anytime soon. Another interesting thing is that Studio Wildcard’s developers have an unexpected name in mind for it.

Besides having a starring role, Vin Diesel will be just a character, a person for the motion capture work, and a voice actor. Still, he is officially working as a developer for Studio Wildcard’s upcoming game. The actor plays Santiago, who is a group leader who protects his tribe from predators. Aside from that, he is working as an executive producer.

The Fast and Furious actor is also an executive producer working on an animated series based on ARK: Survival Evolved. The series was announced at the same time as the upcoming game.

ARK 2 will officially launch in 2022 for Xbox Series X and PC.

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