Civilization 6 gets a new video all about Vietnam and its New Leader, Bà Triệu

Firaxis and 2K Games have released a new video about the upcoming DLC Civ, Vietnam. It gives us an in-depth look at how the Civ and its newly announced leader work. Vietnam’s new leader Bà Triệu was a 3rd-century heroine that withstand the Chinese Wu occupation, and because of her heroic deed, she was chosen as the leader of Vietnam in Civilization 6.

The Vietnamese civilization’s ability is Nine Dragon River Delta, which restricts land specialty District placement to Rainforest, Marsh, and Woods tiles and causes their buildings to yield extra Science, Production, or Culture type of features they are on.

They can also plant Woods with Medieval Faires instead of Conservation. Their unique unit is the Voi Chiến (which replaces the Crossbowman), and their unique District is the Thành (which replaces the Encampment).

Bà Triệu’s unique agenda is Defender of the Homeland. She likes civilizations that have not declared war on Vietnam and hate those that have. Her leader ability is Drive Out the Aggressors: her units gain +5 Combat Strength when fighting on Rainforest, Marsh, Woods tiles, and +1 Movement when they begin their turn on them, both of which are doubled if these tiles are in Vietnamese territory.

It looks like Vietnam will be an all-rounder, giving you bonuses while you’re during the war, especially when you’re getting invaded. At the same time, this faction offers Science, Culture, and Production bonuses, making it a pretty pacifistic nation.

The Vietnam Civ is part of the upcoming Vietnam & Kublai Khan DLC Pack, arriving on February 28th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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