Project: Mara by Ninja Theory will be set in a single apartment

If you’re unfamiliar with Ninja Theory, they’re a game development studio that makes the graphics of their horror games look hyper-realistic, maybe even the best in the market. Among one of their most popular games is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, probably one of the most graphic realistic games ever released. In a video with IGN, they talked about their upcoming WIP game, currently known as Project: Mara.

The apartment that they’ll feature in their upcoming game exists in real life, and it looks like Ninja Theory is doing their best to recreate it in the engine. In one part of the video, there was a comparison between the apartment in real life and the In-Engine recreation, and it’s top-notch. There’s potential that this game may become the most realistic looking game ever.

Throughout the entire video, creative director Tameen Antoniades explains how they’re recreating this apartment, using different textures like wood, carpet, cement, etc.

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