Fallout 76 Locked & Loaded Update will allow players own multiple camps

Do you remember when everyone flamed Bethesda for their poor Fallout 76 development? Well, it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Instead, they’re praising recent changes even more than ever. But after all of the fixes and very positive and linear outcomes, Bethesda is still on the move to provide the players with more updates that would provide some significant changes. The next update is called Locked & Loaded, and it’s going to bring some big changes.

Fallout 76’s Locked & Loaded update will introduce SPECIAL loadouts, allowing players with level 25 or above to swap between two different sets of stats and perk cards by visiting one of the new punch card machines. Those are craftable at your camp but can also be found at train stations, and they emphasize the easier change of the character’s special attributes. They will also allow saving your current build to your loadout slots and allow you to swap between your loadouts quickly.

The other big change is that players would be available to switch between two camps as well. So players can have multiple camps, but one active at a time. The players will be able to choose their primary and active camp through the new camp menu. With the new camp feature, the vending machines are also being changed. They will have a shared inventory so that vending machines in new camps will still hold the same items as your original one.

There are numerous other changes also introduced in the video above, so make sure you watch it. Overall, this is yet another big Fallout 76 update approved by the fans.

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