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DayZ 1.13 Experimental Update is Slightly Delayed – Patch Notes

Bohemia Interactive has announced that the experimental update for DayZ is being delayed. This update is much anticipated because of the new additions coming to the game, including weapon, burst fire mode, new scope, 60-round mag, and most importantly, new types of infected zombies. According to Bohemia Interactive, the Experimental Update should finally arrive in 30 minutes from the time of this writing.

As we said above, there will be new types of infected and will consist of Heavy Soldier, Military Officer, Runner, and Heavy Police. They will probably hold some items of high value that will speed up the gearing. With the zombies having lots of tweaks in the past, it feels like DayZ is slowly evolving and heading towards a better place.

Furthermore, there are tons of bugs and issues fixes that can be found below.

DayZ 1.13 Experimental Patch Notes


  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



  • M16-A2 rifle
  • Burst-fire mode
  • ATOG 6x Scope
  • 45 round KA-74 magazine
  • 60 round standardized magazine
  • Wound treated by unclean rags can get infected
  • The “Disinfected” state is now highlighted in the item tooltip
  • Added sounds when the character is starving
  • Fever symptom added to influenza
  • Added radial blur to the hit effect
  • Iodine Tincture
  • Crude Machete
  • Oriental Machete
  • New Setting in the Options menu Game → “Update in Background” while focus is not in the game
    • None (game freezes)
    • Graphics only (visual changes are displayed, no sound)
    • Graphics and Sound (both visuals and sounds are played)
  • Infected are now attracted by Smoke grenades, flaregun flares and fireplaces during night time
  • New special infected types (Heavy soldier, Military Officer, Runner, and Heavy police)


  • Improvised bags could be broken down while filled with items
  • Fixed a glitch that glitched inventory items in the same position (
  • Splitting an item with quantity would make the total amount heavier than the initial
  • Splitting/sharpening actions would not transfer the damage state to the newly created item
  • Fixed animation glitches allowing instant pose changes between prone and erect (
  • Dark-visor Motorbike Helmets were held badly
  • Interrupting a placing action could result in the item dropping below the floor of structures
  • Gas masks and gags would not obstruct VOIP properly or consistently
  • Grenades would not damage attached containers
  • Server error when splitting and swapping items at the same time
  • In a specific situation, the player would get “SERVER_UNREACHABLE” message while the server is available
  • Implemented the missing widget “Take to hands” for the Frying Pan, Pot, and Cauldron attached to fire barrels
  • Gas pumps now display the correct name when destroyed (
  • Bayonets can now be used to perform backstab attacks (
  • Exploit for stacking containers into each other ( – private)
  • Wrong health widget color was shown when looking at dead animals (
  • When hitting a player in repeatedly and in short period of time, the stumbling animation would prevent them from falling unconscious
  • “Next recipe” widget was visible when there was no other recipe
  • Loading/chambering under specific conditions could result in desynchronization
  • Fixed several tools that wouldn’t play the correct sounds/particles when shot/hit
  • Environment sounds stopped playing when changing audio devices
  • Some error messages would contain false information (, – private)
  • Moving food items could disappear when moved from the cooking to the smoking slot
  • It was possible to boil food in gasoline (
  • Opening the inventory while placing an item which is plugged into a power source could lead to a desync
  • It was possible to dig multiple stashes at the same position
  • The Patrol jacket had an incorrect position when held in hands
  • Transferring incompatible blood type was not triggering a hemolytic reaction
  • Seeds could not be detached from the garden plots via the contextual actions
  • AIs attracted by thrown items could have an unwanted behavior (
  • Infected were not reacting to explosions
  • Infected would not leave an unconscious player alone if no other target was around
  • Suicide with the sickle was missing sounds
  • The camouflage net wasn’t rendered over long distances when placed on the canopy tent
  • Plant slots weren’t displayed as watered/fertilized any more after the plant grew by one stage
  • The player camera could clip in the big NWAF hangar
  • Fixed a semi-transparent window in the yellow two-story village house
  • Fixed a bump in the stairs of the castle tower
  • Fixed problematic fire geometry blocking shots in some buildings


  • Adjusted player damage zones, added shoulders and a small part of legs to the torso
  • Reduced health damage taken by hits to the arms
  • Reduced shock damage taken by hits to the legs
  • Arms are no longer protected by vests (
  • Adjusted the position of sorting arrows in the server browser to allow more space for texts
  • Adjusted the width of the “last played server” info
  • Fireplaces break apart when thrown
  • Screw drivers can now be used to cut bark
  • Pliers can now open cans
  • Fishing rods can be crafted from the sharpened long wooden stick
  • Removing a plant from a plot will require this slot to be watered/fertilized again
  • Matches cannot be used to light a fire when they aren’t dry
  • Armored vests now require more space in the inventory
  • Unconsciousness time is now modified by the caliber the player got hit with
  • Saws last 60% longer when sawing planks
  • Reduced amount of shots needed to ruin a suppressor (depending on suppressor and caliber) (
  • The FX-45 is now more durable, allowing more shots before getting damaged
  • Connecting to a server where the player is currently disconnecting from is no longer possible
  • Reduced the weight of fireplaces from 100kg to 10kg
  • Magazines from dead bodies can be directly attached to weapons
  • Players now spawn with a half-used bandage-dressing instead of rags
  • All infected attacks can now be blocked
  • Reduced infected melee attack speed by 25%
  • Rebalanced infected HP depending on Tier and category
  • Low-tier civilian lowered by 15%
  • Runner lowered by 50%
  • Soldier increased by 15%
  • Different infected now have different attack damage and bleeding chance
  • Low-Tier and Runner deal lower damage with a low bleeding chance
  • Regular civilian deal medium damage with a medium bleeding chance
  • Firefighter, Police and Soldier deal the highest damage with a high bleed chance
  • Reduced head melee armor for most infected by 40%
  • Increased Noise dampening to reduce better the hearing ability of infected through obstacles
  • Reduced range at which infected call for help by 82,5%, except for Military officer
  • Reduced range at which infected hear gunshots by 10%
  • Doubled the time between two calls for help pings generated by infected; military officers got their timing increased by 33%
  • Crouch sprinting is now louder than crouch “walk” but quieter than upright jog
  • Reduced the range of critical awareness of soldier infected by 20%, making them easier to stealth on
  • It is no longer possible to drink (or force-feed) disinfectant or alcoholic tincture


  • Spawning 25% fewer vehicle parts
  • Weapons spawning with magazines will now have at least 1 bullet
  • Assault rifles spawn only with basic attachments
  • Fixed spawning values of the pioneer rifle
  • Dirt bike helmets can now spawn with mouth guard and visor attached
  • Plate carrier vests are only found on infected heavy soldiers and in a (badly) damaged state
  • KA-74 rifles are no longer counted in hoarder type containers (to match the newly added M16-A2)
  • Adjusted spawn points for shipping containers and the village church
  • Reduced random quantity for the vitamin bottle


  • Added: Ignorelist.xml -> list of items that won’t be loaded from the storage
  • Added: GetAdminLogMessage method call to several actions (
  • Added: Server config parameters “disableBanlist” and “disablePrioritylist” (server owners)
  • Fixed: Changing TimeLogout in globals.xml had no effect (
  • Fixed: Priority.txt was not editable during runtime (
  • Changed: Added extra info on build and dismantle part AdminLogMessage  ((,
  • Changed: ban.txt and whitelist.txt now supports SteamID
  • Changed: priority.txt now supports comments (// This is a comment)
  • Changed: priority.txt now supports banning by name (NOTE: except if they contain spaces, as spaces are a delimiter) or hashed id
  • Changed: ban.txt and whitelist.txt now supports ‘,’ and ‘;’ as delimiters
  • Changed: priority.txt now supports returns as delimiters
  • When the server is loading the storage, if it finds an invalid item, it will drop it on the ground instead of deleting it and give it the same lifetime as the root


  • Changed: nopause launch parameter now accepts integers 1 (graphics played only) and 2 (graphics and sound played)


  • Added: CanChangeStance to Human
  • Added: EOnEnter and EOnLeave EntityEvents
  • Added: ECE_INITAI flag to initialize AI when spawning with CreateObjectEx
  • Added: OnFireModeChange call to script on change fire mode
  • Added: “AddNoiseTarget” to add a target for AI independent of needing a source
  • Added: “attractedSearchDistance” to infected config, to define how far an infected periodically runs in attempt to find a lost target while in Attracted state
  • Added: Modding support to HandAnimated_Guards → SlotToAnimType method (
  • Fixed: Rain thresholds being clamped to limits
  • Changed: Class MapDefaults moved from dz/gear/navigation/cfgMaps.hpp into dz/data/cfgWorlds.hpp
  • Changed: Overhaul of Triggers
  • Changed: CreateObjectEx now supports ECE_EQUIP flag
  • Tweaked: Adjusted the description of SendNotificationToPlayerExtended and SendNotificationToPlayer to be less confusing (


  • When relogging while bleeding, the “Cut” indicator might disappear (blood loss will continue to be displayed, a fix for this is in internal testing)
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