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Valorant is coming to mobile devices

Valorant, one of the biggest competitive first-person shooters, has announced a mobile spinoff. Yes, Valorant is coming to handheld devices. While more profound details are still missing, the developer is happy to announce that Valorant averages 14 million players per month and will accompany the success of PUBG Mobile, CoD Mobile, and Apex Legends Mobile too.

Well, following some of the biggest shooters wouldn’t be a strange move at all. Riot Games had previously participated in such a departure with its League of Legends spinoff, Wild Rift. PUBG Mobile and CoD Mobile are also tagged as some of the most successful shooters on the mobile platform. Apex Legends, on the other side, will arrive a tiny bit later, knowing that it’s still in development.

Clicking heads on a mobile device might not be as competitive and exciting as it sounds, and the e-sport scene will undoubtedly keep on correlating around the PC platform. Nevertheless, Riot Games is “preparing to expand the franchise in order to bring Valorant to more players around the world.”

Valorant just got its biggest competitive tournament ever, which confirms a strong fan relationship with over 1 million concurrent viewership during the broadcast of the finals.

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