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Escape From Tarkov “Documents” Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov’s patch 0.12.11 has been quite an amazing journey so far, with a couple of additional quests that came down the line. Well, today we are here to cover one of the new ones, given by Prapor. The quest is called “Documents” and requires players to go on Reserve base and pick up three Military Documents.

The objective does not require players to possess any sort of keys, which means is free and easy to get. All you need to do is collect the military files, located in Reserve’s underbelly, where the command room is located. control room. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the quest dialogue requirements, and objectives below:

Documents Quest Dialogue

Hey there, fighter. There’s a new task,  but you’ll have to go to the same place you whacked those Raiders on the state reserve base. Your previous efforts weren’t fruitful enough, apparently: the Raiders dug in deep in that bunker, not letting anyone near it. However, I still do have quite an interest in that place. There’s a piece of information from trusted sources that there are some classified documents there, the info is encrypted, so Raiders don’t really care about. Find me the documents, I’ve got serious clients for them.

Task Requirements

  • Obtain Military documents №1 on Reserve
  • Obtain Military documents №2 on Reserve
  • Obtain Military documents №3 on Reserve

Military Documents Location Images

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