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Pokemon Go Community Manager to Resign from Pokemon Go

Trainers, Pokemon Go’s Community Manager Liz George has announced her resignation from Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go Community Manager and Sr. Marketing Manager for Niantic, who was recently forced off Twitter by the community, because of the Covid changes being reverted in the game.

Liz George announced that she will be leaving Pokemon Go at the end of this week, and will be moving on to new adventures.

We can only guess what’s the reason behind this, the harassment of the community or the difference of opinion between her and Niantic about the recent PokeStop/Gym interaction distance changes in Pokemon Go. Well, I guess we’ll never know.

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  1. Sooooooo players say we want changes, thousands of people decide the best way is harassing the sr marketing manager of Niantic till she shits down her Twitter and ultimately puts in her 1 week notice due to the harassment.

    That’s really not ok. Like wth? If Niantic chooses to impose a worse situation on us, it’s players, in retaliation it’ll make sense. I thought the consensus was everyone would just do their best to either not play or just do free play?

    At what point was it a good idea to harass this woman? I’m not terribly happy with Niantic either, especially because I live in the southern rural US but this isn’t the way to get a positive response. It just hurts more people.

  2. She quit because Niantic wouldn’t change their mind on the extended interaction range of gyms and poke stops. She did the right thing by giving them the finger. She shouldn’t have even given a 1 week notice.

    1. Agree! Niantic has shown us that they don’t give a flying f about our opinions. I would have left if I was her. Plus when they finally “respond on 9/1” about our concerns- and roll back the pokestop distances (which I don’t even know why it makes a difference to them honestly whether the pokestops range is larger or smaller) I will stop playing.

      It’s been a fun 5 yrs, and I am glad I had Pokémon go to get me through 2020, but it looks like they are moving on and we should do the same.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY agree that niantics unwarranted and very premature retraction of the PokeStop distance was one of the WORST decisions they have EVER made. I’m still waiting for an actual answer from Niantic themselves, I just woke up 2 days ago to not being able to hit 2 pokestops that are literally 5 floors down from me, IN THE SAME BUILDING!!!?!?!! After spending literally hundreds each MONTH for the last almost 2 years, NIANTIC is getting ZERO DOLLARS FROM ME, until they FIX THIS horror show of a mistake. Are they purposely trying to push people off the game??? I was seriously thinking the last month about quitting the game COMPLETELY, I’m gonna give Niantic this month to get themselves sorted AND BACK in the right direction, I’m in USA!! Florida just had it’s 8th day in a row of RECORD BREAKING COVID INFECTIONS, SINCE THE PANDEMIC STARTED!!! ITS FARRRR FROM OVER, SO WHAT IS NIANTICS PROBLEM??? WELL THEY did one good thing: made my choice about quitting pogo VERY EASY.

  4. Wow the players of this game have to be the most whinging players of any game……….every time they change something or add something or remove something it seems like their players can’t help but cry bout it like the snowflakes they obviously are…..

  5. I definitely feel that harassing a woman on twitter probably wasn’t the best way to get the issue resolved, but I understand their anger. It is very disheartening to have the company of the game you enjoy take away bonuses that are still very necessary, mainly because the pandemic is still ongoing. Some of the bonuses were generally better for the game overall, like pokestops and gyms being reachable from farther places. I definitely feel like they are acting a bit weird, but it’s also entirely possible that they are fixing up the distance issue of having to be much closer than necessary. I definitely feel that keeping most of the bonuses would be a huge boon to Niantics popularity, although there will definitely be people who find reasons to be angry. Quite a few of those points are partially founded, like raids being to much of a focus. The weekly should still give out a legandary, so that those players who can’t participate in raids can still get them.
    I only hope that Niantic responds to these various issues with poise and respect for the people who play their game.

  6. I mean….you consider people snowflakes because they are showing their displeasure about a companies decisions? People do that every day. I believe you need to grow up. Instead of calling people names maybe you could stop and think. No one is outside of niantic hq protesting but hell, maybe they should be. Maybe then you would take their issues seriously. Many people can’t reach certain stops sue to safety issues. Some people are disabled and they enjoy being able to play with the increased distance. Good gravy. You’re so judgemental. People have a right to be upset by a companies actions. Especially when they are the ones paying that companies bills and employees. Let people enjoy thinks. Keep the mouth closed.

  7. If the stops arent safe to get to then they should be removed. Part of reviewing waypoints is to make sure it has safe access. Can someone tell me how much of a difference in feet did the change make?

    1. Are you really that ignorant? Are you living under a rock and do not understand the world wide pandemic? By “not safe” people are referring to the inability to social distance not an actual physical safety concern!
      The difference was supposed to be an increase from 40’ to 80’ which is an obvious improvement where safety is concerned! This reduction is a kick in the face for several reasons… the first being the fact that the pandemic is FAR FROM OVER as you should know and certainly could have read in the comments posted prior to your own! Second the increased distance opened the doors for many disabled people to have the ability to play on either a much more competitive and enjoyable level or for some to even start playing the game at all depending on mobility! This is an obvious win for everyone that I hope no one has to explain to you! The last major reason players and parents of players are so upset is the fact that many if not most or all stops have reduced to a range of 20 or less feet rather than the 40’ they claim to have implemented! This makes it impossible to reach spins within steps of each other and is creating issues for kids and adults that have to now cross, sometimes busy, streets to spin a stop they should be able to reach!
      In the future please do some tea search before making such ignorant assumptions about things you are clearly not vested in!

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