DayZ 1.14 Experimental Update Goes Live on Xbox and PC

Earlier today, Bohemia Interactive had shut down the experimental servers of DayZ on Xbox. The reason for it is installing a new 1.14 experimental update, which is later queued to arrive on the PC platform. This update enhances and fixes a couple of known issues and adds new content, such as new weapons and items to play with. DayZ’s 1.13 stable candidate is still up and running and will be soon replaced by 1.14 once it reaches the golden status.

Each update in DayZ consists of huge new content, fixes, and whatnot else. The consistency behind the development studio is just abnormal, as they tend to follow their constant rule of keeping the game fresh and entertaining – updates after updates with lots of changes and no major difficulties, which obviously resulted in ascending player base.

DayZ 1.14 is still in development and will be closely monitored during its experimental phase. Expect various additions to come in throughout its development timeline. After the maintenance on Xbox, it’s time for the PC platform to adopt the same experimental update. For that reason, the PC experimental servers are expected to go under maintenance soon. The update, as revealed by Bohemia, will consist of the following changes:

PC Experimental 1.14 Update 1: Version 1.14.154146


  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q.DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



  • Static and dynamically spawning contaminated areas
  • Contamination disease
  • Exhaustible gas mask filter
  • LE-MAS assault rifle and magazine
  • NV-PVS4 Scope
  • New visual effects when wearing specific headgear
  • A yellow variant of the NBC suit
  • PO-X Antidote
  • NBC infected
  • Field hospital at the North-East Airfield (Chernarus)
  • Field hospital at the Lukow Airfield (Livonia)
  • Craftable Tripwire
  • Craftable Fishnet trap
  • Craftable Small fish trap
  • Craftable Snare trap
  • New animal carcasses (can be picked up):
    • Hare
    • Chicken/rooster
    • Sardines
    • Bitterlings
  • Hare leg and pelt
  • New animation for the stealth kill when using one-handed piercing weapons


  • Mackerel was incorrectly placed in hands
  • The ground in specific structures would hide mines and bear traps
  • Noise from rolling on the ground would not alert infected
  • A previously extinguished fireplace would start to glow again when fuel was added
  • Garden plots could appear floating in specific cases (
  • The brooms resembled the wrong material when hit
  • Brooms could be used to open cans (
  • Texture of damaged tactical goggles wasn’t displayed (
  • The placing hologram was not displayed properly inside the guardhouse
  • It was possible to damage a prone player by hitting a nearby wall (
  • The character would turn towards a target it was not targeting during melee combat
  • Player turning towards the first target it hit instead of the new target during melee combat (
  • Player turning towards the middle point of the target instead of the hit position during melee combat (
  • Player choosing to step forward when they are close enough to the target during melee combat (excludes certain animations such as bare fists)
  • Bear and cow were not receiving damage when the player melees them in the face with bare fist or one-handed weapon
  • Field transceiver simulated the wrong weight when thrown
  • In several situations, sounds outside of the audible range would start from the beginning, regardless of how long the sound had been playing
  • Removed push-back effect from explosions for the player
  • Wind effect was enabled in the inventory item previews
  • The foliage could provide cover from explosions (
  • Several Spanish letters were not properly capitalized
  • AI could spawn in inaccessible locations
  • Added missing collisions on the small ATC railing
  • Added missing bed in the large medical tent
  • One type of weapon reload was not functional while lying on the back
  • Emptying animation was canceled when executed over water
  • Removing materials from the Truck or base building objects via the widget could result in desync (
  • When a server was picked in the server browser while the list was still loading, the server could move out of the player’s sight
  • Players did not cough when aiming with a weapon or lying on their backs (
  • Grenade explosions would not reach all items throughout containers and attachments
  • Rags and Bandages kept their disinfected status after being used to craft a Fireplace or Torch
  • It was problematic to damage the M3S truck engine or find the widget to repair it
  • Wooden crates could be accessed through walls (
  • Mushrooms did not decay properly
  • AB- blood type wasn’t properly displayed (
  • Exploit that allowed extended range of melee attacks
  • Restraining a player could interrupt the actions of other users in the surrounding area (
  • When drinking from a pot in a prone position, the wrong animation would be played
  • When splitting an M3S double wheel, the two wheels would spawn inside each other
  • An empty gasoline canister would have the wrong weight after relog (
  • Names of 45rnd KA-74 Mag and 60rd Standardized Mag were displayed with lower-case letters when on the ground (
  • Fixed some flawed building occluders
  • Fixed some bad object LODs
  • Hold breath “out of breath” sound effects were not working for some character models
  • Flash grenade was not blinding in the vicinity enough
  • Faster recovery from unconsciousness that was not induced by a projectile hit (
  • Doors that were locked on the server are showing as open on the client, making them impossible to open
  • ATOG 6x Scope was having a rendering issue when observed from close distance


  • Wearing a gas mask slows down stamina regeneration
  • Gas masks now prevent the wearer from eating, drinking, and taking pills
  • Gas masks can now be repaired with epoxy putty and the tire repair kit
  • The NBC respirator and the Gas Mask require Gas Mask filters to function
  • The Combat Gas Mask has a limited, integrated, non-exchangeable filter
  • Improved visual quality of the Combat Gas Mask
  • Improved visual quality of the bear
  • Increased the armor of the bear
  • Removed spawn points that were too close to the static contaminated areas
  • Improved targeting of melee combat to be more forgiving
  • Tweaked the look of the Russian helicopter crash-site
  • Helicopter crash-sites now emit sounds upon spawn in the surrounding area
  • Tweaked the smoke quality of crash sites to make them more visible
  • Adjusted collision geometry of the Machete
  • Horticulture plants are now moving in the wind
  • Cholera now causes fever
  • Food poisoning now causes fatigue
  • Salmonella now causes light pain
  • Night-time acceleration period adjusted to only influence actual night-time
  • Reduced the size of the NBC clothing when stored in the inventory
  • NBC clothing can now also be repaired with the tire repair kit
  • It is no longer possible to build a stone oven if it would be clipping with a large item
  • Two-handed and non-piercing weapons are no longer suitable for stealth attacks
  • Names of servers will only show once the server browser is done loading and it is possible to connect
  • The flash grenade uses a stronger light that lasts longer than that of regular fragmentation grenades
  • The overheating effect of firearms appears later
  • Boiled food will no longer burn from boiling
  • Baked and dried food can be boiled without burning
  • Damage of melee weapons is significantly lowered when they enter the ruined state
  • The mackerel now yields two fillets
  • Adjusted the mackerel filet model
  • Water in fountains and metal troughs is now visual only
  • Updated the credits


  • Added: New ContaminatedArea usage flag
  • Fixed: Typo in spawning presets SodaCan_Franta -> SodaCan_Fronta
  • Fixed: Rify ship wreck loot spawn points
  • Fixed: The infected zone definition inside cfgEventSpawns.xml is now properly read (previously it was ignored and used default values)
  • Fixed: randomloot_deloot_perevent now properly overrides the amount of DE Loot per container per event
  • Changed: Spawning of high-value items across dynamic events, contaminated areas, and T4 areas
  • Changed: High tier weapons are not limiting spawning anymore, when stored in storage
  • Changed: DELoot is now correctly randomized
  • Changed: init_random on static dynamic event now properly randomizes nominal value between min and max parameters (nominal can be set to 0 in such case)
  • Changed: The Woodland ghillie color now varies across maps
    • Chernarus now spawns only mossy variants
    • Livonia spawns woodland variants
  • Tweaked: Ammo Boxes now spawn with random ammunition packs inside
  • Tweaked: Increased the maximum number of items that can spawn on a helicopter crash event by 50%


  • Added: Warning messages when the LootMax of a DE is higher than the sum of LootMax of its containers
  • Added: When log_ce_dynamicevent is enabled, it will now print to RPT what loot was spawned (when RPT logging is enabled)
  • Fixed: Kick message for a player exceeding max ping was not showing in any log files (now in the server RPT)
  • Changed: Improved the printing of possible loot items to RPT for DE when log_ce_dynamicevent and RPT logging is enabled (they now say what category they belong to)
  • Changed: Updated the Offline DB


  • Changed: NoPause parameter changed from simple check box to combo box to reflect the new options


  • Added: Post-process manager
  • Added: Selected player modifiers can now be synchronized with the client
  • Added: New config parameter invertHitDir for melee ammo allowing to invert heavy hit animation
  • Added: float.MIN and float.MAX (
  • Added: array.Reserve
  • Added: Script enums for constant values that were defined in C++ and not visible in script (ObjIntersect, VoiceEffectType, VoiceLevel, ChatChannelType)
  • Added: CGame.IsBoxCollidingGeometryProxy and associate classes (
  • Added: Object.GetDirectionUp and Object.GetDirectionAside
  • Added: DayZPlayer.GetCurrentCameraTransform (
  • Added: HumanCommandMelee2.GetComboCount to know the current number of the melee combo
  • Added: DayZPlayerImplement.IsInThirdPerson
  • Added: Events that signal simulation being enabled or disabled (OnSimulationEnabled(), OnSimulationDisabled())
  • Added: “transferToAttachmentsCoef” to “DamageSystem” -> “GlobalHealth” -> “Health” in config to set up transferring of damage to attachments
  • Added: Implementation of FindEntityByID to script API
  • Added: ModFloat, RemainderFloat, SignFloat, SignInt to Math script API
  • Added: Ignore parent pitch to PlayerCameraResult
  • Added: Support for reading files from the mission folder by using “$mission:”
  • Added: SetCollisionSphere, SetCollisionCylinder, SetTriggerShape, GetTriggerShape to ScriptedEntity for triggers
  • Added: IntersectSphereCone, IntersectSphereBox, IntersectWholeSphereCone, IntersectCylinderOBB, IntersectRayCylinder to Math3D
  • Added: IsInRange, IsInRangeInt, IsPointInCircle, IsPointInRectangle to Math
  • Added: CylinderTrigger and SphereTrigger
  • Added: OnEnterTrigger and OnLeaveTrigger to an object that gets called when an object enters a trigger
  • Added: Constants in GameConstants for car contact event
  • Added: SEffectManager.GetCachedSoundParam to store and/or get SoundParams
  • Added: SEffectManager.PlaySoundParams to play a sound with cached SoundParams
  • Added: SoundParams.GetName, which will return the name of the sound set inside the SoundParams
  • Added: AbstractWaveEvents.Event_OnSoundWaveHeaderLoaded, which will fire when the header for a sound finishes loading
  • Added: Option to set parameters for player sound events at the time of requesting a specific event
  • Added: GetSceneHDRMul (camera)
  • Added: CEApi.AvoidPlayer, CEApi.AvoidVehicle and CEApi.CountPlayersWithinRange
  • Fixed: Error: muzzleFlashParticle error when firing SVD (
  • Fixed: CGame.ObjectModelToWorld and CGame.ObjectWorldToModel giving inaccurate results in certain scenarios
  • Fixed: IEntity.GetBoundBox and Object.GetDirection giving inaccurate results for proxies
  • Fixed: Crash when calling dBodySetInteractionLayer/dBodySetGeomInteractionLayer/dBodyGetInteractionLayer/dBodyGetGeomInteractionLayer on certain objects
  • Fixed: Crash when spawning a weapon that has no skeleton (“[ERROR] :: Weapon ‘TYPENAME’ has no skeleton!!!”)
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to call “Cast” where it’s not supported
  • Fixed: Triggers not working properly when exceeding a certain size
  • Fixed: ScriptCompiler: XOR operator parsing fix
  • Fixed: Several compiler issues (
  • Fixed: Human.GetCollisionBox giving highly inaccurate results in certain scenarios (crouch, prone, swim, vehicle)
  • Fixed: AddHealth not applying when the total went over the maximum
  • Fixed: dGetGravity script implementation
  • Fixed: EOnInit not being called for anything lower than EntityAI when created through CreateObjectEx
  • Fixed: Script JSON reader can now read JSON bool
  • Fixed: A performance issue related to sounds created from script
  • Changed: The old static ‘PPEffects‘ has been deprecated, but it is still initialized and usable
  • Changed: HumanCommandMelee2.ContinueCombo and Human.StartCommand_Melee2 now take additional parameters
  • Changed: DayZPlayerImplementMeleeCombat overhaul (
  • Changed: EnMath.c cleanup and additional functions
  • Changed: DayZGame.SetMissionPath is now called from C++
  • Changed: Building script inheritance -> “class House” should now be used by every “House” defined in config and is moddable
  • Changed: Moved DayZPlayerTypeCreate into class, so the function can be modified (
  • Changed: ShockRefill logic moved to ShockMdfr
  • Tweaked: FModulus now returns Math.ModFloat as FModulus has been DEPRECATED in favor of the native ModFloat method
  • Optimized: Notifier update loop and notifier fetching sped up


  • Mods that are using custom files might not work on Linux servers right now (we are looking into this right now)
  • Ambient sounds of the contaminated areas might follow the player after leaving the area
If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at

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