Nightingale revealed at The Game Awards, Early Access in 2022

A new horror survival-crafting game from Inflexion Games

Nightingale has been revealed at this year’s Game Awards, and it launches next year. When veteran BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn announced her new studio Inflexion Games, we were excited to see what they would create. So, this is how the new debut game from the studio was born.

Nightingale is not only an enchanting game world with gothic architecture and colorful characters; it also contains elements of survival gameplay that require players’ creativity, such as crafting tools or weapons using materials found around Victorian society as well as real-time combat against monsters!

Veterans who have worked on Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are back for more with their new game, coming to PC in early access! This time around, you’ll take control over one trying not only to survive but thrive as they journey through These vast realms fulled history & life.

Nightingale is a game in an imaginative world full of dangerous realms, accessible by portals. You play as one of its citizens who have been booked to explore this magical cataclysm and find out if there are any others left alive! A Realmwalker’s duties include protecting humanity from extinction at all costs; even their life span may not be enough when faced against foes such as those present in the world.

The players will have to work together in order for their settlement and its people to grow. The Fae, who is humanity’s magical rivals and an essential part of this world view; serve as obstacles that must be overcome if one hopes to live happily ever after.

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