Take A Peek is a mod that Adds Keyhole-Peeping Mechanic To Skyrim

Keyhole-Peeping is everyone's favorite stealth-mechanic and it's now finally available in Skyrim.

Since childhood, I fell in love with Hitman simply due to its extraordinary stealth mechanics. If there’s no original narrative in stealth games, I always want to become the narrator. Spying on enemy forces or people that break the line of sight has always been exciting. Hence I mentioned Hitman and its eavesdropping feature on a whole conversation on the other side of a door. Well, the same mechanic comes to Skyrim thanks to a recently published mod.

Take a Peek is a mod that adds a new stealth mechanic to Skyrim that allows players to peek through keyholes and observe situations or listen to conversations. The mod is available for download from NexusMods, and it’s currently been reworked to enhance the peeking and depict a better overview by lowering the peek camera and positioning the camera where the keyhole is.

The mod works basically as if you’re teleported inside the room and only adds the keyhole overlay on top of your perspective. The funny thing about it is that NPCs might react to your conspicuous and inappropriate doing, so you might get yourself in an unpleasant situation. Luckily, it’s Skyrim, and you won’t get in trouble besides your sanity because of a possible jump scare.

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