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DayZ Gets Another PC Experimental Update Today

DayZ June 7 Update Brings More Fixes and Changes.

DayZ queues another experimental update on the PC platform, which should traverse to the Xbox platform slightly bit later. Evidently, the cycle of update 1.18 is still ongoing as this is the fourth consecutive update during its lifetime, which should address a couple of existing issues and fix resynchronization when picking up certain items.

Remember that this update is solely for the PC experimental servers, which haven’t been concluded as polished yet. The update will be deployed at 14:00 CEST, and its maintenance will take approximately 1 hour. Once everything’s settled, the update will then be transferred to the live servers.

It’s good to notice that DayZ 1.18 is getting all the treatment during Bohemia Interactive’s Arma Reforger development, which is also getting a new update today. Without further ado, below, you can find the complete patch notes for DayZ Experimental 1.18 update #4.

DayZ PC Experimental 1.18 Update 4 Changelog



  • A weapon attached to the pistol holster within vest pouches dropped on the ground upon reconnecting
  • Picking up folded base-building kits could result in desynchronization of the hand slot (
  • Farming peppers and potatoes would display the wrong item name
  • The spawn position of the dynamic train event was not truly random
  • Loot of dynamic train event would double on server restart (
  • Attachments of some rifles could not be accessed when the rifles were held in hands
  • The improvised explosive was incorrectly rotated after placement
  • The improvised explosive was held badly
  • It was possible to move the armed improvised explosive into the inventory
  • Screen-shake effect was not present when prone in 3rd person
  • Gas canisters did not explode when attached to the portable gas stove
  • Empty gas canisters could still explode
  • It was possible to arm the plastic explosive with a timer
  • It was possible to arm the plastic explosive multiple times
  • 40mm PO-X grenades would disappear at over 6 seconds flight time
  • 40mm smoke grenades would start smoking when badly damaged
  • Derringer, M79 and Revolver were missing sounds
  • It was not possible to interact with the car tent
  • The hologram of placement items did not move properly in tents
  • Unloaded ammunition from firearms would disappear (


  • Added shock damage to the explosions of gas canisters
  • Plastic explosives now offer advanced placement
  • Balanced health of fence parts and armor, also depending on materials ( – private)
  • Decreased 360° blast zone of the Claymore


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