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Lost Ark July 27 Weekly Patch Notes

Lost Ark received a weekly update that includes a reset and allows players to get new rewards. Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have confirmed that the update has been successfully deployed. This update enables every player to use the Consolation Jukebox Song in their Strongholds, unlike before when it was a reward for Lost Ark’s global launch but also fixes some known issues.

Furthermore, this update fixes the acquisition of the Arcanist Emperor Gem and also updates the text for various Steam achievements for better guidance and help on how exactly players can obtain them. For the complete patch notes, make sure you check below:

Lost Ark July 27 Weekly Patch Notes

  • The Jukebox Song “Consolation” has been added for all players to use in their Strongholds! This special song was previously gifted to players across the globe in March as a part of the launch gift to celebrate Lost Ark’s global launch. Now that the Jukebox feature is available in the Western version, we’re excited to share it with all of you, too! Thank you for your continued support of Lost Ark and the world of Arkesia.
  • The Alarm Settings menu has been fixed and will now function as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the current channel was not displayed in the channel selector.
  • The Arcanist’s Emperor Gem is now obtainable.
  • Updated the text for various Steam achievements to better reflect how they can be obtained.
  • Jukebox soundtracks will now play correctly while using the Korean VO Pack DLC.
  • Gold granted when using a purchased Powerpass will now be subject to the 3-day withholding period before it is usable.
  • The Weekly Rapport Chest has temporarily been removed from the in-game store due to an unintended issue with the item.
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