Former CS GO Pro “Tarik” joins Sentinels

Tarik Joins Sentinels as a content creator, and not a professional player.

Famous Twitch streamer, former CS GO professional, and winner of a Major CS GO tournament, Tarik, has joined Team Sentinels as a content creator. Sadly, it’s not a word about empowering their Valorant roster, at least for now. While everyone believed that Tarik joined team Sentinels as a player, it’s not. He’s joining as a content creator. He can apparently still be signed as a player, he’s just not listed as active in the current roster. This was confirmed by ShahZaM, the Leader of the Sentinels Valorant Team.

Previously, before the VCT qualifier, Sentinels recruited Shroud, whose arrival bolstered Valorant’s viewership. With Tarik on the line, the numbers are expected to go sky-high. Only if he can join the team and attend alongside the big names. He’s done it before, so nothing should be ruled out. Consisting of such famous Twitch streamers, this Sentinels lineup is recognizable and, evidently enough, the crowd favorite.

The video announcement for Tarik’s arrival can be found below.

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