Let’s Talk Games: What Does A Game Need To Have To Call It A Good Game?

The question of all questions is: What does a good game look like? We are here to talk about what makes a game a good game.

First of all, is there a game that makes you feel so good that you do not want to leave your console/PC or whichever device you use for even a minute, or a bathroom break? For me, that game is Pokemon Go. It evokes all sorts of emotions while playing it, ranging from happiness to extreme anger (when a Legendary Pokemon runs) and feel-good emotions.

But which features makes a game good? Is it the resolution, or is it all about content, story, and characters? Many of you will agree with me on this, a story is what keeps a game on its legs. A fun, interesting, or maybe dark (if that is your style) will keep a player’s attention and interact with the whole gameplay. Keeping a player challenged is also another way to make the game good, even great sometimes.

This is my opinion, but I would like to hear it from you so we can debate: What makes a game a good game?  Let’s engage in the comments below.

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Ivana Kachurova

Fresh out-of-uni writer, with a passion for gaming (a girl that likes games?!) and technology, as the newest addition to the FGR family, she will make sure to keep up with the latest news happening in the gaming community and report to you as fast as she can. Faster than The Flash. As an absolute fan of Shakespeare (the greatest human being, duh) you might find her where the gaming world and the literature world collide. The best of both worlds.

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