New Tales from the Borderlands gets 18 minute long gameplay footage

New Tales from the Borderlands is a standalone action-adventure set in the Borderlands universe, where players are driven through a choice-based narrative in which player input matters. 2k Games and Gearbox Games published new official gameplay reveal trailer for the game, where you can familiarize yourself with the playable characters.

In this reveal, our three lovable losers must travel through the sewers of Promethea, racing against Tediore to open a dormant Vault. As they figure out a way past the Tediore guards, they must also battle for honor and glory in a Vaultlanders duel, with QTEs deciding the winner of glorious plastic combat!

Only by playing through the game will you fully understand how your decisions can change the Borderlands.

New Tales from the Borderlands will release on October 21st and feature quick-time events contributing to a sophisticated story outcome. While we do not have more details, we look forward to its release. Wandering around in the Borderlands universe always seems fun, and there’s no denial about it.

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