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Valorant Patch 6.03 Changes Killjoy and Raze, Bug Fixes and more

Riot Games has released a minor update for Valorant titled 6.03. This update focuses on bringing back the balance between Killjoy and Raze, as some of their exceptional abilities are getting a slight nerf.

Furthermore, this patch addresses some bugs and issues, including the adjustment of the vertical range of some agents, KAY/O being able to move while downed, including the disconnection/reconnection bug where it would allow players to gain an unfair advantage by seeing shut doors open, and vice versa.

The game has also received a new setting that will allow players to hold secondary fire to go to level 2 zoom. Speaking of weapon zoom, it has been restored to pre-patch 6.0 behavior transitioning from weapon equip to zoom/ads.

As usual, the developer has revealed the update notes, which can be found below:

Valorant 6.03 Patch Notes


  • Adjusted the Firing Error graph to use worst case error represented as degrees from the aim direction. The graph now reports the worst case error degrees of a possible bullet vector—before it didn’t account for the generation of the actual error vector.
  • Introduced a new setting “Operator (Hold)” which allows those of you in Toggle Mode to hold Secondary Fire to go to Level 2 zoom. (Pre-Patch 6.0 zoom behavior).
  • Restored weapon zoom to pre-Patch 6.0 behavior when transitioning from weapon equip to Zoom/Aim Down Sights.



  • Remember when we told you the Swiftplay Beta would end in January. We sorta lied. Everyone decided to just keep it on. Please keep sending us your feedback, though!



  • Adjusted Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru’s hair heights to fit within our standardized vertical range
  • AI (such as Skye’s Seekers [X]) will now travel through the crouch-only connection on Pearl near the Defender’s spawn area
  • Fixed a bug where KAY/O would sometimes be able to move after being downed during NULL/cmd (X)
  • Fixed a bug on Fracture where a player could fall off and die if two players ride the zipline at the same time. Thanks for the report on Reddit!
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times in a round could cause a door on any map to incorrectly appear open or shut.
  • Fixed a bug where rapidly spamming the Marshall’s zoom button could cause the scope to get stuck cycling in and out.
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