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Rust Update 1.62 Introduces Easter Event and Addresses Game Issues

Double Eleven has released Rust Update 1.62, which ushers in the game’s highly-anticipated Easter event while also addressing several in-game issues. The Rust March 30 patch notes detail an extensive list of changes, including some fixes that are still being tested and slated for release in an April hotfix.

Two of the most critical issues that Double Eleven is working to resolve in the near future include the heavy armor glitch and the invisible bases problem. In the meantime, Rust Update 1.62 brings a slew of improvements and additions to the game.

The Easter event, running from April 6 to 27, will feature an Easter egg hunt that occurs every 24-38 in-game hours. Players can gather eggs that can be upgraded from bronze to silver and ultimately gold. These eggs can be cracked open to reveal various loot, from scrap to high-tier weapons. To help players hunt for eggs, the developers have introduced the Egg Basket. Additionally, Bunny Onesie and Bunny Ears costume items are available exclusively during the event.

Below you can find the complete patch notes:

Update 1.62 Patch Notes

The issues we are aiming to fix as soon as possible are:

  • The heavy armour glitch.
  • The bases appearing invisible.

Now for the 1.62 Patch Notes:


  • Easter event: From April 6 to 27, an Easter egg hunt will begin every 24-38 in-game hours. Players can collect eggs that can be upgraded from bronze, to silver, and ultimately gold. These eggs can be cracked open for loot ranging from scrap to high-tier weapons. The Egg Basket will help you hunt for eggs. The Bunny Onesie and Bunny Ears are costume items only available during the event.


  • Changed the behavior on the Lantern, Tuna Can Lamp and Water Barrel so they can be picked up with the Hammer using the button prompt and radial menu.
  • Changed the Large Furnace placement rules to match Steam.
  • Changed the Tech Tree so the Wooden Floor Spikes and Wooden Ladder slots are consistent with Steam.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Supply Drop to sink into the ground after landing.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked the ‘Silent’ setting for the RF Pager in the Inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that triggered the Hostile Timer when a player hits a loot crate or Recycler with a weapon or tool.


  • Changed oil refinery building at the Power Plant monument so that it will display bullet impact decals if fired at.
  • Changed the materials used on Power Plant pipe bends so they’re the correct color.
  • Changed the size of a dirt mound found near the sewer Green Keycard Door at the Power Plant monument to be consistent with Steam.
  • Fixed an area where dropped items could disappear on the ground inside the broken Silo Tower at the Power Plant monument.
  • Fixed floating pallets found at the Power Plant monument.
  • Fixed places in the Power Plant monument where the player could get stuck climbing into the industrial buildings.
  • Fixed scale for overpass bridge connecting two buildings in the Power Plant monument.
  • Fixed the floating Military Crate found near one of the Power Plant silos.
  • Fixed Z-fighting that occurred at the Power Plant on the edge of cooling tower walls, at the bottom of brick walls, the top of the silo, exterior of the intact cooling tower and interior of the cooling towers.
  • Improved graphics on the debris from the smokestack rubble, cardboard boxes, and reactor building ladders at the Power Plant monument.
  • Improved visuals for electric turbines at monuments to be consistent with Steam.
  • Removed test generator which was clipping through the floor of the Airfield office.


  • Fixed Input/Output boxes of Pressure Pads so they are not blocked by Rugs while using the Wire Tool.
  • Improved level of detail transitions for HBHF Sensor.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Wooden Door causing both sides of the door to appear as the same side.


  • Removed Test Generator and Simple Light from the Vending Machine Electricity listing tab.
  • Fixed overlapping Durability UI and battery stats visible when highlighting a Battery with the Wire Tool.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed names of player-owned Sleeping Bags and Beds in Streamer Mode.


  • Fixed a bug that could result in the player losing input when the controller is disconnected while loading into the Main Menu.

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