Valve May Be Developing a New Puzzle Game: Is Portal 3 Finally on the Horizon?

Valve seems to be hard at work on an unannounced puzzle game, according to the LinkedIn profiles of some of its current and former employees. After a long hiatus from creating major new games, Valve appears to be ramping up its development efforts, with its recent release of the virtual reality shooter Half-Life: Alyx and the announcement of Counter-Strike 2.

Rumors of an unannounced game began to swirl when Valve artist Boyang Zhu’s LinkedIn profile mentioned that he has been working on a mysterious project since joining the company in January last year. Additionally, former Valve level designer Michael Anderson’s profile revealed that he worked on an unannounced title featuring ambitious, never-before-seen gameplay during his time at the company. Anderson also mentioned developing puzzles from scratch for the project.

While these descriptions are quite vague, fans have started to speculate that this secretive game could be the long-awaited Portal 3. The Portal series has garnered a dedicated fan base, eagerly awaiting a new installment for over a decade. However, like many Valve franchises, the series has stalled after its second entry.

The release of Aperture Desk Job, a small Portal spinoff launched last year as a promotional tool for the Steam Deck, has only fueled the speculation. Fans wonder if this move was Valve’s way of testing the waters for a potential return to the Portal universe with a full-fledged sequel.

Although there is no official confirmation from Valve, the prospect of a new Portal game, complete with innovative gameplay and puzzle mechanics, is undoubtedly an exciting possibility. For now, fans must remain patient and hope that Valve will soon lift the veil on this mysterious project.

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