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Silica’s New Hotfix Addresses Harvester Issue and More

The latest hotfix update for Silica is out now, addressing several reported issues with the Harvester and providing various quality-of-life improvements and performance fixes.

This update addresses numerous issues. Players had previously been unable to select a team when Strategy mode restarted and were forced to rejoin the game. This issue and the automatic deselection of units have been resolved when clicking on the minimap.

Additionally, a fix has been applied to the issue where the player unit icon would persist even after the player had entered a vehicle. Now, the icon is appropriately removed. The issue of the Harvester not stopping when the ramp was opening has also been addressed.

[Hotfix] Silica V0.7.10 Patch Notes

A new hotfix update focusing on the Harvester issues, and other quality of life and performance fixes, has just dropped! Thank you to all the members of the community for their continued support and feedback. More updates and fixes should be coming in the near future, but for now, here’s a list of all fixes and changes:

  • Fixed: When Strategy mode ended and restarted, clients could not select a team and had to rejoin the game
  • Fixed: Units were deselected when clicking on the minimap
  • Fixed: The player unit icon remained when the player got in a vehicle
  • Fixed: Submerged Crabs are now considered concealed and cannot be targeted
  • Fixed: Harvester did not stop when the ramp was opening
  • Fixed: The player list did not correctly indicate Commander in Multiplayer
  • Fixed: Removed empty text input field in Strategy game mode settings
  • Fixed: When the chat window is active and in Commander mode, the camera does not turn on Q/E
  • Fixed: ScoreBoard only enables cursor on mouse down
  • Fixed: If the HUD was hidden and cheats disabled, HUD is shown again
  • Fixed: AI-controlled vehicles do not get destroyed when driving near/on a construction site
  • Fixed: Pressing the mouse to get the cursor in the Scoreboard fired for infantry and vehicles
  • Fixed: Chat could spam the console when unsupported characters were used
  • Fixed: Chat history is no longer cleared on team change
  • Fixed: Minimap did not use the correct fog texture when changing teams, leaving it white
  • Fixed: Not being able to cancel production of a unit on clients
  • Fixed: The player view cone on the map was not updated if not in a unit
  • Changed: Crabs can no longer submerge on structure premises
  • Changed: The main menu fade color from white to dark grey
  • Added: Scoreboard can be opened at any time
  • Added: The scoreboard displays the number of players
  • Added: Server list updated on filter changes
  • Added: Support for kicking players
  • Added: Light machineguns to the top of the Harvester
  • Added: Harvester ramp now opened with Use
  • Added: Coloring of chat text by the team
  • Added: Team-only text chat in italics
  • Added: Chat highlights Commander messages
  • Added: 3min Teleportation cooldown time after teleport (for the local player)
  • Added: Crabs can be instructed to submerge by assigning a stealth move order (for now)
  • Removed: Outer trusses on Refinery
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