Sony’s PlayStation and Haven Studios Announce Fairgame$

Sony’s PlayStation and Haven Studios, a Canadian developer co-founded by Assassin’s Creed co-creator Jade Raymond, have announced their latest venture, Fairgame$. The original IP is a refreshing update on the classic heist genre, promising to captivate gamers with its intriguing premise and thrilling gameplay.

The acquisition of Haven Studios by Sony Interactive Entertainment happened last summer, and this collaboration seems to be the first fruit of that partnership. With Raymond’s track record in creating blockbuster franchises, the industry is looking forward to this upcoming title.

In Fairgame$, players can immerse themselves in a thrilling underground world where they can challenge the status quo by robbing the ultra-rich. The game aims to offer an exciting perspective into a world where players can be a modern-day Robin Hood, trespassing forbidden locations and uncovering the sinister plots of unscrupulous billionaires. The ultimate goal? To restore balance by redistributing wealth.

While the premise is compelling, the promise of breaking the rules and collecting valuable loot will pique the interest of both adventure-seekers and those drawn to the allure of an intricate heist.

The game, which promises a globally-spanning narrative, is being developed for the PS5 and PC platforms. No release date has been specified, but gaming enthusiasts eagerly await the day they can dive into this dynamic, rule-breaking world.

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