Xbox Goes Deep Into Cloud Gaming, Partners with NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Xbox has taken a significant stride toward the future of gaming by partnering with NVIDIA to debut PC games on the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. The announcement, which offers members in the U.K, U.S, the European Union, and worldwide the opportunity to stream high-quality Xbox titles, marks the beginning of a 10-year collaboration to broaden player access to PC games from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda.

Starting today, GeForce NOW members will be able to stream Gears 5. From May 25, the streaming catalog will expand to include Deathloop, Grounded, and Pentiment. However, this initial slate is just the tip of the iceberg. Xbox and NVIDIA have committed to regularly adding more titles from Xbox’s portfolio, ensuring a steady stream of new and exciting content for players.

Members can play these games on various platforms, purchased through Steam or Epic Games Store (for eligible games). These include PC, Mac, SHIELD TV, and Android devices. By visiting, they can stream these games on Chromebook and iOS Safari. Furthermore, Xbox and NVIDIA are working on enabling support for games purchased through the Microsoft Store in the coming months.

This collaboration is the first of many, with Xbox planning to make its PC games available globally through various cloud gaming services. Future partnerships will include Boosteroid, Ubitus, EE, and Nware. Once Microsoft’s acquisition concludes, Xbox has reassured its commitment to release current and future titles from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard PC games.

The overarching goal of these partnerships is to place the players at the center of the gaming experience. By offering their games through multiple partners and cloud gaming services, Xbox aims to empower players to enjoy their favorite games with their preferred people on their desired devices.

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