The Xbox April Update is Rolling Out, Game Hubs, Discord Audio and more

To indulge and welcome the Xbox ecosystem for PC players, Microsoft has announced the release of the April Update which is rolling out today. This update will introduce a new availability and that is the Game Hubs for PC users, just as showcased in the featured image above.

Game Hubs is here

Revealed in February, the game hubs are now officially available to PC users through the Xbox App. These hubs will help players pick up their favorite games more easily, as they can choose any game within their library through the app’s sidebar, which reveals more features such as game tracking and progress, connecting with friends, and news from developers.

Furthermore, it will allow players to involve themselves in the game captures feature, as it will showcase all clips and screenshots captured via the Game Bar, initially showcased in their specific game hub.

New Navigational additions and experience updates

Alongside the addition of game hubs the Xbox app on Pc will introduce a better UI that will allow users to navigate through much easier by adding a sub-navigation menu which is under the “What’s Happening” section in the Game Pass tab. This update is available to Xbox Insiders, and should arrive to everyone soon.

With this update, not only the PC users are getting a treat, instead, Xbox users are also getting a couple of new features, such as an improved Discord Voice integration which includes (what I hate the most) soundboard audio, which will allow users to spam the h*** out of them. But what else is being implemented the notification sent by OneDrive once it’s full.

The update also introduces users with enhanced console security, and adds a “guest pin” feature. More details about the shared can be found on Xbox Wire.

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