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Pokemon Go Starry Skies Special Research Branching Quest Storyline

Trainers, the next event in Pokemon Go starts this weekend, and you can complete the new Special Research featuring Cosmog.

The Starry Skies is a new Special Research introduced in Pokemon Go as part of the Solstice Horizons event. Pokemon Go players can complete two different Collection Challenges, Daytime, and Nighttime. Players can also encounter different Pokemon during the Day and Night in the wild, enjoy the event-exclusive bonuses, and complete the free Special Research for one Cosmog. You can also play through the Special Research for a second time ($5) and get a second Cosmog.

Pokemon Go players can get two Cosmog this event, one for free and the other via pay-to-play Special Research. The Starry Skies Research offers different rewards such as Stardust, Ultra Balls, and encounters with Galarian Slowpoke, Starmie, Metang, and Inkay. Players must play during the specified time to receive all the special event bonuses.

The Starry Skies Special Research has four steps, and players can choose different paths. Yes, that’s right, there are branching quests one must complete and choose a path.

Starry Skies Research Branching Quest Storyline

Starry Skies 1/4

%PLAYERNAME%, great timing!

I just got back from a harrowing expedition. I’ll spare you the gritty details, but it involved boulders, quicksand, and lots of Venipede.

Anyway, I’ve come out on the other side with some exciting treasures: fossils, King’s Rocks, and a trove of maps!

It’s hard to determine who or what left the maps behind, especially given their contents. For example, this one apparently leads to “the world’s tastiest Poffin.”

There was one in particular that caught my eye: a map of the skies showing the exact position of the stars today!

It made me wonder if this is a purely informational map, or if it points toward something special.

What do you say we find out together?

Seeing as the stars are our inspiration, how about we focus on either diurnal Pokemon – meaning Pokemon that are active during the day – or their opposite, nocturnal Pokemon?

Take some time to think about which Pokemon you’re more interested in researching. Once you’ve decided, we can set off!

Starry Skies 2/4

Great choice! There’s nothing like a warm sunbeam to refresh a tired body!
Speaking of which, here’s a refreshing Pokemon fact: the leaves on Petilil’s head are highly valued for medicinal purposes. They provide relief from weariness – even more so when boiled.

Heh. Now I’m in the mood to look for some Grass-type Pokemon. Shall we, %PLAYERNAME%?

Great choice! I always enjoy a stroll in the cool, crisp moonlight.

Speaking of which, here’s a cool Pokemon fact: Misdreavus conceals itself in darkness, sending chills up travelers’ spines with its childlike weeping.

Spooky, eh? Now I’m in the mood to look for some Ghost-type Pokemon. Shall we, %PLAYERNAME%?

Starry Skies 3/4


It has been some time since we last spoke. Have you been faring well?

Splendid. Are you out doing research for Professor Willow?

I, too, find the cycles of the sun and moon fascinating.

But I am here for a different matter. I have picked up readings that indicate the presence of something from beyond this world.

I had hoped to request your company, but your research for Professor Willow comes first.

I see. So you‘ve both been moved to study Pokemon associated with daytime after finding a celestial chart.

This is farewell for now. I hope you and your Buddy Pokemon have a radiant day, %PLAYERNAME%.

I see. So you‘ve both been moved to study Pokemon associated with nighttime after finding a celestial chart.

This is farewell for now, %PLAYERNAME%. I hope you have a fruitful day – or should I say night? – learning about Pokemon.

Starry Skies 4/4

Welcome back, %PLAYERNAME%! How did it go?

You ran into Rhi? They just stopped by to chat with me, too!

Rhi was hot on the heels of something otherworldly. We were getting ready to rally the Team Leaders when – get this – a Cosmog blissfully bobbed by!

You don’t see that every day.

I recall Rhi mentioning that Cosmog’s gaseous body can be blown away by the slightest breeze, but it doesn’t seem to care.

Even so, we can’t just leave it be. You’d better hurry and catch that Cosmog before it blows into some trouble!

While you’re doing that, I’ll ponder how another Cosmog found its way here…and whether it was more than luck that we happened to have a map of the stars on this exact day.

Mysteries to illuminate in the future, as Rhi might say!

Which would you rather research: Pokemon that appear during the daytime or Pokemon that appear at night?

Help Research Daytime/Nighttime Pokemon Branching Quest

Help Research Daytime Pokemon

Choose this option to help research Pokemon that are more active during the day. You’ll be tasked with exploring widely and catching many Pokemon.

Help Research Nighttime Pokemon

Choose this option to help research Pokemon that are more active at night. You’ll be tasked with completing research and catching Pokemon in different ways.

The tasks and rewards will be revealed when the Research goes live, so stay tuned.

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