Sonic Frontiers Unveils Birthday Bash DLC with New Game Plus Mode

SEGA launches the second free DLC update for Sonic Frontiers today. The Birthday Bash update, revealed during a Sonic Central presentation, promises an exciting celebration of Sonic’s birthday on the festively decorated Starfall Islands. Sonic Frontiers is ready to surprise its player base, packed with new challenges, moves, collectible Koco, and the highly requested New Game Plus mode.

SEGA has planned a series of three free updates for Sonic Frontiers in 2023, and the Birthday Bash DLC marks the second installment. The first update, released in March, introduced various features, including a photo mode, a jukebox, and new challenge modes to keep players engaged. The third update, slated for a future release, will further enhance the game with new story content and playable characters, elevating the Sonic experience to new heights.

The release of the Birthday Bash DLC coincided with the Sonic Central showcase, a presentation that provided fans with even more exciting news. SEGA unveiled Sonic Origins Plus, an expansion pack for Sonic Origins, which bundles together all 12 classic Sonic titles released for the Game Gear. Furthermore, the showcase offered a sneak peek at Sonic Superstars, a brand-new 2D Sonic the Hedgehog game that has captured the imagination of fans worldwide since its announcement earlier this month.

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