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Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2023 Collection Challenges, Dome and Helix, Root and Armor, Skull and Armor, Cover and Plume

Trainers, get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure as the Adventure Week 2023 event has officially begun in Pokémon Go. From July 27, 2023, to August 2, 2023, Trainers around the world will have the opportunity to partake in exciting activities and encounter thrilling Pokémon. Among the highlights of this event are Mega Tyranitar, Shiny Mega Tyranitar, Shiny Tyrunt, and Shiny Amaura, a set of new Field Research tasks, two captivating Timed Research storylines, and not just one, but four engaging Collection Challenges.

Adventure Week 2023 is a brand new event introduced in Pokémon Go, celebrating the spirit of exploration and discovery in the Pokémon world. During this limited-time event, Trainers can expect a wide array of new content, challenges, and rewards. One of the exciting features of the Adventure Week 2023 event is the availability of four distinct Collection Challenges. These challenges are designed to encourage Trainers to venture out and catch specific Pokémon species during the event period. Completing these Collection Challenges comes with exciting rewards, including rare Pokémon encounters and valuable items.

The tasks for the Collection Challenges revolve around two main themes: catching and evolving Pokémon.

Adventure Week Collection Challenge: Dome and Helix

  • Catch Kabuto
  • Evolve Kabuto into Kabutops
  • Catch Omanyte
  • Evolve Omanyte into Omastar
  • Rewards: 2000 Stardust, and Tyrunt

Adventure Week Collection Challenge: Root and Claw

  • Catch Anorith
  • Evolve Anorith into Armaldo
  • Catch Lileep
  • Evolve Lileep into Cradily
  • Rewards: 2000 Stardust and Amaura

Adventure Week Collection Challenge: Skull and Armor

  • Catch Shieldon
  • Evolve Shieldon into Bastiodon
  • Catch Cranidos
  • Evolve Cranidos into Rampardos
  • Rewards: 2000 Stardust, and Tyrunt

Adventure Week Collection Challenge: Cover and Plume

  • Catch Archen
  • Evolve Archen into Archeops
  • Catch Tirtouga
  • Evolve Tirtouga into Carracosta
  • Rewards: 2000 Stardust, and Amaura

Tyrunt and Amaura can be shiny, so make sure to complete the Collection Challenges and get the new shiny forms.

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