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Pokemon Go Dark Flames Ended Early for Some Players, Did Niantic Cut it Short?

Trainers, it looks like someone at Niantic pressed the wrong button once again and ended the Dark Flames event earlier than scheduled.

The Dark Flames event is now behind us, but not everyone had a chance to enjoy the event. According to reports, the event ended earlier than scheduled for some players, and they lost all progress on the Timed Research.

The players say the event ended four, or five hours earlier. Yes, that’s right, the event ended early, and they didn’t say anything about it. Players are not happy with what happened, especially the ones who were on the last step of the Timed Research.

Some even say they had only one task left to complete the Timed Research, but they cut the event off. It was supposed to finish on July 2, 2023, at 8 PM local time, but it ended at 3 PM local time.

Dark Flames gone with 5 hours to go….
by u/Gustx in TheSilphRoad

Heatran is still around, so if you’ve missed it, this is your chance to get it.

Did the event ended earlier for you too? Did you complete the Dark, Fire Timed Research?

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  1. Mine not only ended early I didn’t get the extra xl candy for any of my raids during the event. Niantic is so cheap and dishonest.

  2. I had no Rocket spawns near me and my Rocket balloon spawns had no dark pokemon so was unable to compleat the task of purifying 1 dark shadow pokemon, abit of a pisstake.

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