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Pokémon GO Speculation: Level 60 Cap Increase Coming This Year? Player Predicts Trainers Needing 1 Billion XP to Reach Level 60

Pokémon GO, the augmented reality mobile game that took the world by storm, has captivated millions of players with its immersive gameplay and exciting challenges. One of the most significant aspects of the game is the leveling system, which determines a Trainer’s progress and unlocks various features and benefits. Over the years, Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, has introduced changes to the level cap to keep the game fresh and engaging for its dedicated community of Trainers. Now, a well-known Pokémon GO player from Turkey, KingDeoxys, has sparked speculation about the possibility of another level cap increase – from Level 50 to Level 60.

Pokémon GO is not just about capturing Pokémon, it’s also about a Trainer’s journey to become the very best. Leveling up is very important, as it unlocks new features, higher-powered Pokémon, and various items essential for successful gameplay.

Since its launch, Pokémon GO’s level cap was initially set at 40. However, in November 2020, with the arrival of the Season of Celebration, Niantic raised the level cap to 50. This update brought new challenges and tasks for Trainers to tackle, marking a significant milestone in the game’s history.

KingDeoxys, a respected and well-known Pokémon GO player from Turkey, has recently shared a fascinating prediction within the Pokémon GO community. He believes that Niantic is preparing for yet another level cap increase, taking Trainers from Level 50 to Level 60. One of the most intriguing aspects of KingDeoxys’ prediction is the amount of XP required to achieve Level 60.

According to his calculations, Trainers would need a staggering 1 billion XP to reach the new level cap. Check out the numbers below.

  • Level 51 +35M (211M)
  • Level 52 +41M (252M)
  • Level 53 +48M (300M)
  • Level 54 +56M (356M)
  • Level 55 +65M (421M)
  • Level 56 +75M (496M)
  • Level 57 +88M (584M)
  • Level 581 +106M (690M)
  • Level 59 +130M (820M)
  • Level 60 +180M (1B XP)

As the speculation of Level 60 gains momentum, Trainers worldwide are considering how to prepare for such a significant milestone. Many are focusing on maximizing XP gains through various in-game activities and special events, all in anticipation of reaching Level 60.

If Niantic indeed decides to raise the level cap to 60, it would fundamentally alter the game’s dynamics. Trainers would have new goals to strive for, new challenges to overcome, and an entirely fresh set of rewards and benefits to enjoy. A level cap increase to 60 would inject new life into Pokémon GO, providing seasoned Trainers with a whole new set of challenges to conquer. It would redefine what it means to be a high-level Trainer and encourage players to continue their Pokémon-catching adventures with renewed enthusiasm.

While KingDeoxys’ prediction remains speculative at this point, it has ignited a sense of anticipation and wonder within the Pokémon GO community. The idea of reaching Level 60 and the associated challenges and rewards could be a significant step forward for the game.

As the Pokémon Go community eagerly awaits the future of the game, the question remains: What are your thoughts about this potential level increase? Would you like to see a level cap rise from Level 50 to Level 60 in Pokémon Go? We value your opinions and experiences as trainers, so please share your current level and leave a comment below.

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  1. Bonjour
    Je suis niveau 50 depuis quelques mois et pour y arriver il a fallu jouer pas mal de temps . Depuis que j ai attends le niveau 50, je joue beaucoup moins, sans doute moins de challenge et j aime bien quand on a des défis difficiles à réaliser. J aime toujours le jeu bien sûr et je joue mais la probabilité de nouveaux niveaux me plaît énormément.

  2. I have been playing since it was released and I’m level 50 on the 31/5/2021 I had to do all 50 levels and didn’t miss level 49 bring on level 60 I’m on 322,570,552 xp

  3. I have been playing since day 2 of the launch of pokemon go. I’m a community leader of my local area and welcome the increase to lvl 60. I am close to being lvl 50 two times over having 336,134,398 total xp. Keeping the interest of the existing games community would be a good idea before they reach the amount of total xp needed before they get to the amount of the next increased lvl cap would be a great idea and give the majority of the community another goal to strive and grind for.

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