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Pokemon Go Plus + First Impressions, The Biggest Auto Catcher Device Ever Made

Update: Trainers, the official Pokemon Go Plus + shared everything you should know about the device. Feel free to read more here.

Trainers, some players got a hand on the new Pokemon Go Plus + and were kind enough to share some intriguing details about the new device.

The new Pokemon Go device Go Plus + started shipping, and some players already tested it. The Pokemon Go Plus + device, comes with a manual, and you can find information about Pokemon Sleep interaction too. Unfortunately, the manual doesn’t say much about how one can use the Great and Ultra Ball, nor how to switch.

The Pokemon Go Plus + releases on July 14, 2023, in America. On July 21, 2023, Pokemon Go players from Europe will have a chance to get it and try it out.

Pokemon Go Plus + New Info

  • This accessory requires a compatible smartphone with Pokemon Go or Pokemon Sleep
  • The Pokemon Go Plus + accessory is not guaranteed to work with all devices
  • The device has an auto mode
  • Pokemon Go Plus + can throw Poke Balls automatically
  • Pokemon Go Plus + can be used to throw Great and Ultra Balls
  • Keep track of your sleep
  • Pokemon Go players can use their sleep time when they play Pokemon Go or Pokemon Sleep
  • Since this device will automatically throw Poke Balls for you, you can catch Pokémon even while it’s stowed in your bag
  • When tracking sleep wireless communication
  • This device must accept any interference received
  • Pokemon Go Plus + contains a rechargeable battery that will automatically be turned off
  • There is a battery level indicator, which is great
  • Battery charging time is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • The battery charges via USB Type-C port
  • To reset the device, you should hold down the reset button on the back. Pokemon Go Plus + will then vibrate and restart
  • Please note that you can turn off vibrations and sound
  • Linking Pokemon Go Plus + with Pokemon Go will get you a Special Research featuring Nightcap Snorlax
  • Before purchasing Pokemon Go Plus +, make sure to check the system requirements of this device as well as those of the apps it works with
  • Specific devices may not work with Pokemon Go Plus + even if they meet this accessory’s system requirements
  • If the performance of your Pokemon Go Plus + seems unstable, it may improve if you update your operating system
  • Keep track of your sleep, and then transfer that data to your compatible smart device for use with compatible applications like Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go. (Compatibility to be added via app update)
  • You can attach the included strap to Pokemon Go Plus+, and use the clip to secure the accessory to your pillow. Three magnetic is magnetic and removable. Please remove the slip to attach the strap.
  • Set alarms Set an alarm so that Pikachu will wake you or let you know that it is time to sleep
  • Diameter: approximately 64.5mm (excluding protrusions)
  • Thickness: approximately 18.3mm (excluding protrusions)

New Go Plus+ info
by u/doomshtick in TheSilphRoad

Would you be getting the Pokemon Go Plus +? Have in mind the price of the device is $54.99.

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