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EA Sports PGA Tour Patch 6.0 Changelog

Swing into the new season with the freshly dropped 6.0 patch update from EA SPORTS PGA TOUR. EA Sports has brought many features, from a brand-new course and season to much-anticipated gameplay tweaks.

Season 5 kick-starts with the FedExCup Playoffs, with the highlight being the North Course at Olympia Fields Country Club. Players can now enjoy this course across all game modes. Plus, the career mode gets a twist – the BMW Championship will switch between Olympia Fields and Wilmington Country Club each season. What’s more? The visuals, from menus to key art, now ooze the Season 5 FedExCup Playoffs flavor.

EA introduces the Pro Pass, opening up a treasure trove of rewards and experiences. Whether it’s Scottie Sheffler’s Signature Irons Spec or the vibrant Orange TaylorMade MyStealth 2 Driver, Season 5 Pro Pass is replete with rewards waiting to be unlocked. Play, complete challenges, and level up your Pro Pass to reap all these benefits.

You can find the complete patch notes below:

EA Sports PGA Tour 6.0 Patch Notes

Online mode has been updated to show upcoming playlists along with timers to indicate when they will be opened and closed. This will allow us to expand online playlist variety such as making other gameplay styles like Arcade, Pro, and Simulation available to play for periods of time.

  • New specs for Season 5:
    • Superior Power and Superior Accuracy: These specs focus on significantly improving your Power or Accuracy attribute.
    • Xander Schauffele and Sungjae Im’s signature series specs will be added to the store.
    • Complete the Pro Pass and earn Scottie Sheffler’s Signature Irons Spec.
  • Gameplay:
    • Aiming arc and ball trails are no longer visible on the black screen during a fade-out.
    • Fix for HUD being momentarily visible at the end of hole flyovers that were initiated from the scorecard menu.
    • Updated aiming arc to show the power of the arc using the exact lie effect percentage when the player’s Lie Effect setting is off. When the Lie Effect setting is on, the aiming arc continues to use the average of the lie effect range to determine the power of the arc.
    • Fixed the “Team Ball” Quick Play format, which was not scoring the match correctly and showing the wrong type of scorecard. The fix was applied to servers on August 4th.
  • Career:
    • Fixed numerous issues related to how FedExCup Starting Strokes for the TOUR Championship were being displayed and sorted in scorecards, leaderboards, and the HUD.
  • Tournaments:
    • Fixed issues where the Tournament fee was not being charged back to the player’s account after experiencing an error. The fix was applied to servers on July 27th.
  • Challenges:
    • Fixed instances where pro golfers were being shown instead of the player’s created golfer when previewing challenge rewards.
    • Fixed issue where Scottie Scheffler was always the AI opponent in challenges. This fix was already applied to servers on August 4th.
  • Quests:
    • Fixed issue where Live Quests were not being displayed in the UI. The fix was applied to servers on August 9th.
  • Courses:
    • Improve texture resolution and overall visual quality on 5 courses:
      • Chambers Bay
      • Riviera
      • TPC Sawgrass
      • TPC Scottsdale
      • Wolf Creek
    • Augusta National: Reprimanded and corrected camera operators in the towers on holes 12, 13, and 15 who were not filming their greens.
    • Bandon Dunes: Fixed tree hit box being too big on the right side of the tee shot for hole 9.
    • Bandon Dunes: Fix for tree disappearing during the hole 7 flyover when using performance mode.
    • Bandon Dunes: Adjusted sun glow effect in the morning so that it is better aligned with the position of the sun.
    • Bay Hill: Fixed inconsistent bark texture on willow oaks.
    • Chambers Bay: Updated bunker textures to improve visuals when viewing from a distance.
    • Chambers Bay: Improved antialiasing on the fence on the right side of hole 16.
    • Evian Resort: Fixed base of camera tower on hole 16 being slightly off the ground.
    • Lighthouse Pointe: Fix for stairs on the lighthouse being slightly above the terrain..
    • Oak Hill: Fixed trees floating above the ground on the left side of the fairway on hole 17.
    • Pebble Beach: Fixed collision that was missing on some sidewalk curbs.
    • PGA WEST: Improved antialiasing on wooden planks that line bunkers around the course.
    • Royal Liverpool: Added the internal out of bounds area to the course, which was previously missing.
    • Royal Liverpool: Fixed chimney textures on Hole 1 sometimes being incorrectly displayed as white on some graphics settings.
    • Royal Liverpool: Updated bunkers so that the sod edge wraps the full perimeter of all bunkers.
    • Royal Liverpool: Fixed some walls and bushes popping in during the flyover camera on hole 1.
    • Royal Liverpool: Adjusted sun glow effect in the morning so that it is better aligned with the position of the sun.
    • Tara Iti: Fixed 3D grass not appearing properly on a number of greens.
    • Tara Iti: Fixed a patch of grass that was floating above the terrain on hole 18.
    • Teeth of the Dog: Cut grass that was clipping through the concrete base of the patio on the left side of hole 1.
    • The Country Club: Cut grass that was clipping through the bridge near the 10th green.
    • TPC Boston: Fixed tree hit box being too big on the left side of the tee shot for hole 14.
    • TPC Boston: Buoyed some ducks that were floating below the level of the water height.
    • TPC Scottsdale: Fixed inconsistent collision on the floating WM logo next to holes 17 and 18.
    • TPC Southwind: Improved antialiasing on fence near the green and right side of hole 1.
    • Wetlands: Cut grass that was clipping through the concrete base of the structure next to the 15th green.
  • UI:
    • Global: Updated thumbnail images for all clubs so that they’re oriented to better display the club.
    • Challenges: Fix for the challenge card remaining on the screen if the player exits back to gameplay quickly after changing a setting.
    • Equipment: Fix for “Copy Bag” applying Bag 1 instead of the currently selected bag if “Copy Bag” is used immediately after changing equipment.
    • Equipment: Fix for the wrong item being focused in the yardage breakdown panel when navigating between bags.
    • Equipment: Updated the “Swap All” confirmation popup to clarify that the item is applied to all compatible clubs, not only the currently selected type of club.
    • Gameplay: Changed “Exit” button to “End Round” and removed the confirmation popup if the round is completed.
    • Gameplay: Added a background to the shot types screen.
    • Identity: Fix for golfer name being erased after navigating quickly through identity screen contents.
    • Loading: Fix for showing the incorrect seasonal trophy when returning from gameplay.
    • Main Menu: Added a notification that links the player to the skills screen after skill points have been earned.
    • Main Menu: Fix for the timer of a pinned quest being cut off in the main menu.
    • Online: Updated the matchmaking timer to only display minutes and seconds.
    • Online (Stroke Play): Fixed the outro leaderboard so that it correctly shows the course logo instead of always displaying the TPC Sawgrass logo.
    • Online (Stroke Play): Changed the order of columns in the outro leaderboard from Win/Ties/Losses to Win/Losses/Ties.
    • Private Match (Stroke Play): Show leaderboard with match results in the end round screen.
    • Private Match: Fix for Private Match being in an unplayable state if the player spams “Select” in the golfer selection screen.
    • Quests: Removed the “Manage Golfers” button from the Quests tab due to issues caused by being able to change your golfer while in Career mode.
    • Quests: Added a notification that links the player to the rewards screen after completing quests.
    • Rewards: Fixed text overlap that occurred when viewing multiple packs with long names.
    • Skills: Fixed shot types information panel alignment so that it no longer overlaps with text behind it.
    • Tournaments: Updated background image for tournaments on Royal Liverpool to show an image of the course.
  • Branding:
    • Update UI to use the latest version of the TravisMathew logo.
    • Fixed the inner element of the BMW logo being transparent instead of solid white.
  • Stability:
    • Fixed crash that could occur when backing out of a sub item tab in the equipment screen.
    • Additional crash and stability-related fixes.
  • Accessibility:
    • Fix for menu narration reading subtabs first instead of main tabs after accessing a main tab for the second time.

* Pro Pass content requires gameplay to unlock. Requires EA SPORTS PGA Tour (sold separately) and all game updates to play.

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