GRIME 2 Announced, New Adventure Coming to PC

Clover Bite, the creators of the highly acclaimed Metroidvania title GRIME, have announced the eagerly anticipated sequel, GRIME 2. Coming exclusively to PC via Steam, the release date remains a mystery.

In GRIME 2, players will once again take on the role of the Formless, or the Stealer of Forms, a being that can utilize tendrils to absorb foes and create Molds. The game’s universe expands, presenting a new realm with diverse cultures, characters, and challenges.

New bosses and adversaries await, matched with fresh weapons, skills, and the ability to summon absorbed enemies as Molds in battle. These Molds can be weaponized for ranged attacks or to stun opponents. Even the tendrils have a role in defense, capable of parry.

The aesthetic of GRIME 2 is intriguing, featuring locations made of “painted nails and giant vases,” leaving much to the imagination and anticipation.

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