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Pokémon GO uses AI for Adventures Abound artwork, why not utilize their talented artists?

Niantic and Pokémon GO have recently rolled out the Adventures Abound Season, teeming with all sorts of delights—from Paldea Region Pokémon and Shadow Zapdos to Master Ball Research. This season promises to keep trainers engaged with cool events and bonuses, yet something rather curious stands out. The Adventures Abound art appears to be AI-generated, a choice that leaves us puzzled.

Why is this noteworthy? Niantic is no slouch when it comes to artistic resources. With talents like Kozaki and Kasai under its belt, it’s strange to see the company resort to artificial intelligence for generating its background art. Moreover, the company has one of the highest budgets in the mobile gaming industry, which begs the question: Why couldn’t they just commission their renowned artists for this project?

Upon closer inspection, the line art in the Adventures Abound graphics seems unnaturally outlined, as if rendered by a machine rather than by human hand. Similarly, any text or intricate details within the art are intentionally blurred, another giveaway of its AI-generated origin.

This leads us to ponder the rationale behind this artistic choice. Was it an experiment, a time-saving measure, or perhaps a way to make a statement about the role of technology in art? Regardless of the reason, the decision feels like a missed opportunity, given the roster of extraordinary artists who could have been tapped for this project.

It’s genuinely disappointing to see Niantic and Pokémon GO lean into artificial intelligence for art generation, especially when the human talent at their disposal could deliver something much more memorable. We’ve included some images below for your perusal. Take a look and judge for yourself whether this AI detour in art direction serves the game well or falls short of expectations.

In a world brimming with artistic talent, especially within their own team, it’s puzzling why Pokémon GO chose the AI route for the Adventures Abound art. One can’t help but think their seasoned artists could have delivered something far more captivating.

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