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EA Sports PGA Tour Update 7.0 Patch Notes

EA Sports PGA TOUR has released its most significant update yet, 7.0. This latest patch encompasses a myriad of improvements, sculpted largely from invaluable player feedback. Foremost, swing mechanics have undergone comprehensive refining, boasting even more realism and precision.

Furthermore, the development team has successfully identified and resolved glitches on various championship courses, ensuring smoother gameplay for all. Dive in and experience the upgrades for yourself!

Below you can find the patch notes:

EA Sports PGA Tour Update 7.0, September 26 Patch Notes

On September 26th, EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR™ will get an update which includes a new course, season, and many highly requested features. Read on to learn all the details about the update.

Welcome to Season 6 and the Ryder Cup!

This season the Ryder Cup has taken over EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR™ with big changes that you can’t miss. When you enter the game, you’ll now be presented with a choice between team USA or Europe. This decision impacts many aspects of your journey and remains in effect for the entire season so choose wisely!

In the main menu, you’ll now see your golfer representing either team Europe or USA, proudly wearing the uniform of your chosen team. Additionally, you will be greeted with the captivating Ryder Cup theme music and see that the UI and background reflect the theme of your selection.

You can now play the prestigious Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, the host of the 2023 Ryder Cup. Additionally, you have the opportunity to participate in the Ryder Cup on other iconic courses that have previously hosted the event, including Kiawah Island, Oak Hill, The Country Club, and Whistling Straits.

Season 6 brings exciting updates to the Pro Pass*, allowing you to earn the coveted “MultiVerse” gear set for either team USA or Europe. If you complete the Pro Pass, you’ll also earn Scottie Scheffler’s Ball Spec in the free tier, while the premium tier unlocks a brand new Titleist SM9 Custom Team USA or Europe Wedge. Just like last season, you’ll earn tokens to level up your Pro Pass by completing live Quests, Ryder Cup Challenges, and playing rounds in Online, Tournaments, and Career modes. In Season 6, new Quest types have been added to reward your participation in Ryder Cup formats, including Match Play, Foursomes, and Four-Ball.

Playing in the Ryder Cup takes on many forms throughout Season 6, depending on which mode you choose: Online, Tournaments, Challenges, Quick Play, or Private Match. But regardless of which mode you choose, we wanted to make sure that every round feels like the Ryder Cup. When you start a round, you’ll hear the Ryder Cup anthem and commentary that brings you into the action. Throughout the round, you’ll hear the crowd chanting for their favorite team and notice the more dedicated fans that dressed up for the occasion. Because the crowd is such an essential part of the Ryder Cup, we made sure to expand the game’s capabilities so you can now play with crowd enabled in any of the turn-based formats across Online and Private Match modes.

We are excited to announce that 2v2 team formats Foursomes and Four-Ball are now available to play in Online and Private Match modes. In Online mode, you can choose whether to matchmake by yourself or invite a friend and compete as a team. Note that your team USA or Europe affiliation is purely visual and has no effect on who you can compete with or against in Online or Private Match. In these Ryder Cup formats, you’ll always see your partner wearing the uniform of your team, while your opponents will be wearing the uniform of the opposing team.

Online leaderboards now feature updated filters for tracking performance in Foursomes and Four-Ball formats. Additionally, a new “Top 100 Teams Leaderboard” tracks the performance of each unique team of player pairs.

Challenges mode is also getting into the spirit of the Ryder Cup. New challenge series have been added, showcasing history from the 1991, 1995, 1999, and 2020 Ryder Cups. You can also look forward to Challenges for the 2023 Ryder Cup that will be released after the event.

Weekly and Seasonal Tournaments are also Ryder Cup themed and are hosted at Marco Simone or any of the other historic Ryder Cup courses. These tournaments also mark the introduction of crowds for the first time.

You can also play any of the Ryder Cup formats in Quick Play, with friends or AI players in any combination that suits your preference.

We are also raising the max level for created golfers from 50 to 60. In order to support this update, note that the OVR calculation has been adjusted to fit this scale to avoid player OVRs entering into the 100’s. Players at a lower OVR likely won’t notice much change, but unfortunately players at a high OVR will see their rating reduced.

There have also been some improvements to the zoom camera. The low-view putting zoom camera’s accuracy has been improved and can now be moved all the way back to the ball, allowing you to read the entire putt without changing your aim location. The zoom camera now smoothly transitions between zoom camera heights without resetting its orientation, providing a more immersive and less disorienting experience.

  • Store & Content:
    • New USA and Europe “MultiVerse” gear sets are available in Pro Pass and Challenges.
    • Superior Command and Superior Escape Specs are available in Pro Pass and Tournaments.
    • New items will be rotating through the store including:
      • Official Team USA and Team Europe clothing and bag sets
      • Nelly Korda Signature Series Specs
      • Cobra AeroJet “Volition” Driver
      • Brooks Koepka’s Scotty Cameron Putter
      • Patrick Cantlay’s Scotty Cameron Putter
      • New gear from Scotty Cameron, Jordan, and Nike
    • New cosmetics available in Challenge rewards:
      • G/Fore Hats
      • Titleist colored golf balls
      • Under Armour shoes
      • TaylorMade clubs
    • XP Boosters:
      • XP Boosters are a new consumable item that allows players to earn XP at an increased rate for a fixed amount of time.
      • Boosters will only be available in the store at limited times during the season.
  • Gameplay:
  • Fixed logic in match play formats that was ending the match before the leading golfer hit their final putt in situations where they have already clinched a tie in the match (aka. dormie).
  • Fixed logic in match play formats that would incorrectly display “3 UP” in the scorecard immediately after a golfer scored a triple bogey on the first hole.
  • Fixed logic in best ball formats so that golfers are skipped when their score is too high to tie the current hole.
  • Fixed logic in skins format to advance to the next hole when 2 golfers have tied the hole and no remaining golfers can beat the current score.
  • Fixed putt meter power target line not being visible on the first putt of a round.
  • Updated golfer etiquette so that they no longer leave their ball in the cup after holing out in a multiplayer match.
  • Balls on the green for other golfers are no longer shown when playing alternate shot and foursomes formats.
  • The golfer is now hidden while viewing the unplayable lie menu to select drop position.
  • Moved the aim info widget further away from the aim marker.
  • Cameras:
    • Updated the low-view putting zoom camera to allow for moving the camera all the way back to the ball.
    • Improved accuracy of the low-view putting zoom camera by ensuring that it is always perfectly level. Previously, the camera could include a small amount of roll when on severe slopes.
    • Updated zoom camera so that it now transitions smoothly without resetting its orientation when toggling between zoom camera heights.
  • Online:
    • Fixed a number of rare issues where golfers or balls could be invisible during an online match.
    • Improved syncing of remote golfers in Online and Private Match lobbies.
    • Fix for some Stroke Play round results in Online mode not being recorded to leaderboards. The fix was applied to servers on August 11th.
    • Fixed the Crowd round setting being selectable in Private Match when it should have been forced to Off. The fix was applied to servers on August 17th.
    • Fixed an issue where the Match Play “All Time” leaderboards were not showing stats when filtering for a specific gameplay style. The fix was applied to servers on August 30th.
    • Fixed an issue where some players were being disconnected when entering an online match and being returned to the main menu with the error message “Authentication Required. Please try again.”. The fix was applied to servers on September 18th.
    • Fixed opponent’s Ball Trail VFX sometimes being shown on your golfer when playing in online match play.
  • Quick Play:
    • Updated lobbies in match play, foursomes, four-ball, alternate shot, and best ball formats to be pre-populated with golfers so that the player doesn’t have to manually add them each time.
    • Added a new option to golfers in quick play lobbies that allows players to change a golfer from CPU to a locally controlled golfer and vice versa.
  • Career:
    • Updated round settings confirmation popup to clarify which round of the tournament the player is about to enter.
    • Fixed course preview screen so that it correctly shows which holes you will play in the upcoming round when using quick rounds.
    • Fixed current position being shown as 3,333rd in the event info screen when starting a new 1 round event.
    • Fix for no “Event Results” leaderboard being shown for any tournaments that the player skipped.
  • Challenges:
    • Fixed broken hole location in “No Need For Speed Here” challenge. The fix was applied to servers on August 11th.
    • Fix for the pro golfer you are playing sometimes being replaced by your created golfer after restarting a change.
  • Tournaments:
    • Fixed a broken daily tournament “6 Holes – Arcade on Top of the Rock”. The tournament was moved to Torrey Pines to resolve the issue. This fix was applied to servers on August 17th.
  • Pro Pass:
    • Improved UI navigation so that when entering Pro Pass you view your current level instead of level 1.
    • After previewing a reward, you are now returned to the level you were viewing instead of level 1.
    • Fix for needing to reboot the game in order to claim Premium Tier rewards if the player previously claimed Free Tier rewards and then purchased Pro Pass Premium.
    • Fixed incorrect level progress sometimes being shown in the Rewards Summary screen after a level up occurs.
    • Updated UI animations added sound effects when unlocking and claiming levels.
    • Various improvements to support cleanly transitioning from one season to the next.
  • Quests:
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the notification to view rewards after completing a daily or weekly quest. This was mitigated by updating the quest reward packs to be sent to the player’s inventory instead of being automatically  opened. The fix was applied to servers on August 21st.
    • Updated tab order so that “Live” Quests are listed first.
  • Courses:
    • [Banff Springs] Fixed lake reflection flickering while viewing from the green on hole 4.
    • [Banff Springs]: Fixed camera being obstructed by the crowd on the hole 4 tee box.
    • [Olympia Fields] Adjusted lighting on tee boxes to make for a more consistent overall lighting level.
    • [Pebble Beach] Course specific memory optimizations.
    • [PGA WEST] Added American Express sign to water on hole 17.
    • [Royal Liverpool] Fixed incorrect first cut grass on right side of fairway on hole 8.
    • [Torrey Pines] Adjust color of the cliff to be darker
    • [TPC Scottsdale] Fixed incorrect color on some structure railings.
    • [Wolf Creek] Fixed incorrect handicap listed for hole 9.
  • Outfits & Gear:
    • Bryson DeChambeau updated to wear Puma baseball hats.
    • Danielle Kang updated to wear FootJoy Premiere shoes.
    • Fixed missing Under Armour logo on the back of Jordan Spieth’s pants in his Round 1 outfit.
    • Fixed EA Sports Standard Belt Buckle clipping through Woven Belt Strap.
    • Fixed Under Armour Curry 8 Spikeless missing Under Armour logo on the back of the shoes.
    • Fix for some hairstyles clipping through snapback hats.
    • Fix for the Odyssey Ten putter head being misshapen in gameplay.
    • Fixed Nike logo appearing on some non-Nike polos on the golfer in the main menu after equipping and rebooting title.
    • Fix for Ping G425 LST and Masters driver appearing slightly disconnected from the shaft when viewed in the Equipment screen.
  • UI:
    • [Career] Fixed incorrect mode description being displayed in the scorecard screen if a quick play round was played previously.
    • [Course Select] Fix for Pebble Beach background being briefly displayed when entering the Course Select Screen.
    • [Course Select] Updated Olympia Fields and Royal Liverpool to display the short version of their names in the tile and description.
    • [Gameplay] Update text in Match Play formats to say “…to halve hole” instead of “…to tie hole”
    • [Gameplay] Fixed incorrect club thumbnails being shown in the HUD for a created golfer when playing in a local multiplayer match.
    • [Online] Fix for the leaderboard in the scorecard screen sometimes showing a different player highlighted at the bottom even though it should always highlight your stats.
    • [Online] Updated popup text to clarify when a player has been kicked from a lobby by the host.
    • [Online] Added button hints to the View Golfer screen.
    • [Outfits] Fixed “Set outfit as default” button flashing briefly at the bottom right of the screen when navigating from a tab back to the outfits screen.
    • [Leaderboards] Updated so that when a leaderboard is initially viewed it shows the value of each filter instead of the category of the filter.
    • [Main Menu] Fixed main menu tabs disappearing if the player loses network connection in the equipment screen.
    • [PC] Fixed the “enter” key on the numpad not registering.
    • [Private Match] Removed the “Are you sure…” invite confirmation popup.
    • [Private Match] Removed team name information from “Change Teams” popup.
    • [Private Match] Fixed “Custom Hole Select” tab being available to a guest player if they accept an invite while in a Custom Hole Select screen.
    • [Pro Pass] Updated all text referencing “node” to “level”.
    • [Pro Pass] Updated levels to show reward quantity.
    • [Pro Pass] Added a notification that indicates when a level was unlocked after returning from gameplay.
    • [PS5] Fixed menu background theme not being updated when using a PS5 Activity to leave Career mode.
    • [Quests] Fix for the quest slider reset to the top when pinning quests.
    • [Quick Play] Fix for the pro golfer you’ve selected being replaced by your created golfer if you return to the event info screen from Quests or Settings tab by pressing the “Back” button.
    • [Tournaments] Updated the tournament payout popup to specify when a player achieved “Missed Rank” position for a tournament.
  • Audio:
    • Wholesale improvements to commentary for alternate shot and best ball formats.
    • Fixed cases where you could hear the crowd clapping after a bad shot was made.
    • Fixed a couple commentary lines that were Career mode specific, incorrectly being mentioned during Quick Play rounds.
    • Fixed Harris English being misgendered in Career mode commentary, incorrectly referred to as “she/her”.
  • Branding:
    • Update The Open Championship logo shown on flag wipes.
  • Stability:
    • Fixed an issue where the store UI could get stuck permanently on screen.
    • Fixed a crash related to playoffs in Career mode.
    • Fixed a crash related to saving progress in Career mode.
    • Fixed a softlock that could occur after accepting an invite while in gameplay.
    • Xbox Series S memory optimizations.
    • Additional crash and stability-related fixes.

* Pro Pass content requires gameplay to unlock. Requires EA SPORTS PGA Tour (sold separately) and all game updates to play.

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