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Pokémon GO A Paldean Adventure grindy Research tasks for disappointing rewards, last step revealed

Trainers, we’ve got some news about the last step in the A Paldean Adventure Seasonal Special Research in Pokémon GO. Once again, it’s all about completing some hefty tasks but the kicker? The rewards seem a bit lackluster.

Let’s break it down: A Paldean Adventure is a season-long challenge with several steps. Sounds fun, right? But here’s the snag: some tasks make you visit PokeStops or catch a Pokemon for 14 days straight. Now, we’re all up for a challenge, but the rewards seem to fall flat.

Take a look at Step 4 out of 5. You gotta walk 30 km, catch 400 Pokemon, and even evolve specific Pokémon. The payoff? 6000 Stardust and an encounter with Pawmi.

Then we get to Step 5, and oh boy, it’s a doozy. You need to cover 80 km, catch 100 different species, and complete a bunch of Field Research tasks. For all that effort, you get a Lucky Egg and, again, just 900 XP.

A Paldean Adventure Step 4/5

  • Explore 30 km: 5 Mysterious Components
  • Catch 400 Pokemon: 25 Great Ball
  • Earn 40 Candies walking with your Buddy: 9 Golden Razz Berry
  • Evolve a Floragato, Crocalor, or Quaxwell: 2000 XP
  • Visit PokeStops on 14 different days: 6000 Stardust
  • Rewards: Pawmi and 900 XP

A Paldean Adventure Step 5/5

  • Explore 80km: 25 Ultra Ball
  • Catch 100 different species of Pokemon: 2 Rocket Radar
  • Complete 150 Field Research tasks: 5 Silver Pinap Berry
  • Power up Pokemon 50 times: 50 Sprigatito, Fuecoco, or Quaxly Candy
  • Catch a Pokemon on 14 different days: 9000 Stardust
  • Rewards: Lucky Egg and 900 XP

So basically, you’re grinding for nearly a month, 14 days for each of the last two steps, only to end up with some Stardust and items. Feels like they could sweeten the pot with more XP or even more exciting items, don’t you think?

The general consensus is that this is a grind-heavy research with rewards that don’t quite measure up. What’s your take? Are you in for the grind or are you planning to pass? Let us know, and keep those Poke Balls flying.

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  1. Hi there!! I am a new Pokémon player and I do enjoy the game I am still trying figure out some things but still enjoy it!! As for the Paldean Adventure I agree being a new player it’s been taking awhile to get all candies to evolve the Pokémon and I have two left. I need to evolve Gardevoir which I won’t get enough candy in one day and the Slowpoke – the one with yellow hair ??? How do I even catch or can you?? Please help!! Thank you for the continuous info on Pokémon Go Keep it coming!!!

    1. Galarian Slowpoke is in the wild. Try using an incense or lure module to see if they show up.
      As for Gardevoir, you can use rare candies to create Ralts candies. But if that’s still not enough? Better just skip this collection challenge. But you still have time to catch. Turn on your GO the entire day and always use Pinap Berry to double the candy. Gardevoir needs 124 (since you’ll get a bonus candy evolving Ralts into Kirlia) to evolve. Catching 11 Ralts should do the trick (Pinap gives you 12 candies each).

  2. I don’t mind the grind… just that the rewards are very small compared to what they want us to do. Worst offender has to be that we need to power up mons 50 times and get 50 candies for the chosen starter… and only 9000 dust in a subsequent task. Considering how much we need to put into 50 power ups, 9000 stardust is a pittance!!!

    1. For all the work players are putting in, that final reward should be something like 3x super incubator, 10,0000xp, and a Frigibax encounter

  3. Oh, I just don’t do this. I mean, not trying to focus on clearing it right away. The rewards aren’t worth the effort.
    This is not a timed research and will be there until the end of time. I’ll clear it sooner or later just by playing casually.

    1. Totally agreed!! Niantic is simply trying to dread on by coming up with such difficult tasks that will take months to complete and only giving such pittance rewards. They are simply stalling time to think of what is coming up next probably they are running out of ideas!! All the tasks are taking so long to complete these days while making trainers to spend hundreds of dollars on raid passes, incubators, incense and what have you. Stop this or most trainers will gradually or eventually gave up playing altogether!!

  4. At this point, if Niantic wants to make money, they should just add a $5 option to move all of our shinies to home so we can just dip and get out of this slog fest. Events used to be fun and the timed research tasks were doable. I can’t figure out for the life of me why every decision they’ve made over the last three years has veen to just suck the fun out of this game and generally insult their player base….

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