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Pokémon GO Plus+ connectivity failures spark refund demands

Trainers, if you’ve recently faced issues with your Pokémon GO Plus+ not connecting, know that you’re part of a growing number of players dealing with the same headache. Some are even saying that their devices have completely stopped working.

Just a few days ago, players started reporting that their Pokémon GO Plus and Plus+ devices are failing to link with their smartphones. They have attempted various solutions including game restart, device reboot, and cycling through known fixes, but none have worked.

There’s also some chatter suggesting that Niantic may be discontinuing support for these accessories. But let’s hold off on jumping to conclusions; it’s still just speculation at this point. There’s a chance that the issue is on Niantic’s end.

Players are clearly unhappy with the situation, and some are seeking refunds. If you’re among them, you’ll need to contact Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, or the store where you purchased the device. Neither Niantic nor Pokémon GO will assume responsibility for these connectivity issues. In fact, the official Pokémon GO Plus+ website explicitly states that not all smart devices will be compatible, even if they meet the minimum system requirements.

For those looking to make a warranty claim, your best bet is to head over to Nintendo’s support site for instructions. Pokémon GO Plus + is covered by Nintendo’s Limited Warranty.

So, while these devices are optional for enhancing your Pokémon GO experience, it’s understandable to expect them to work as advertised. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update you as we learn more.

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  1. Mine stopped for a short time, wouldn’t even charge or come on. I pushed the tiny button on the back with a paper clip and it fixed the issues for me. I know turning on and connecting is two different things but won’t hurt to try.

  2. It’s so slow and haven’t even caught me a shiny yet. Right now I’m just gonna stick to my gotcha, which is still way better and faster.

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